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Lap Steels

Lap steels are also often called Hawaiin Guitars. Certainly not a bluegrass instrument, but we find much interest in lap steels among fans of bluegrass and traditional country music. The lap steel is played much like a dobro - the strings are raised at the nut and the bridge. The instrument is balance on the lap and picked with fingerpicks while using a steel slide to change the pitch of the strings. They are a fun instrument and were one of the first popular solid body electric instruments.

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Morrell Lap Steel
Morrell Lap Steel
6 string lap steel with 2 octave fretboard made by Morrell Products in Tennessee. Solid wood body with a single coil pickup and volume control.
Product# MLS-TSB
More info on Morrell Lap SteelBuy Morrell Lap Steel Now!List Price: US $299.95Our Price: US $209.95

Gold Tone Lap Steel 6 String Guitar with Case
Gold Tone Lap Steel 6 String Guitar with Case
Back in the 1950's when lap steels were in their hay day, the Oauh Tonemaster was the lap steel of choice among professionals. The Gold Tone Lap Steel is a vintage replica of this famous instrument. The pick up and hardware are identical. A custom TKL hardshell case is even available!
Product# LS-6
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Hardshell Case US $209.00 US $139.50
More info on Gold Tone Lap Steel 6 String Guitar with CaseBuy Gold Tone Lap Steel 6 String Guitar with Case Now!List Price: US $1,066.65Our Price: US $799.99

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