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Bluegrass Guitars

The banjo and fiddle were the primary dance band instruments for years, but the guitar did not appear as a thythm instrument until the 1920's. Bill Monroe, the Father of Bluegrass, of course played mandolin, but he always had a guitar in the band to provide the backup and rhythm. Lester Flatt made his trademark G-run famous and its one of the first licks any bluegrass guitar player learns. George Shuffler of the Stanley brothers was one of the first to turn the bluegrass guitar into a lead instrument. Today, the guitar functions well as both a lead and rhythm instrument in bluegrass bands.

Guitars Under $250

Beginning guitar players today are very fortunate to have such a large selection of playable guitars available for under $250.00, which can fit into just about anyones budget. Of course, these guitars do not have the tone of the legendary Martin Guitar, but all of the ones we offer here are very playable, stay in tune and have truss rods in the neck to prevent warping. We play and set up each guitar before sending it to you so you are assured it is ready to play when you receive it.

Guitars Under $250
Guitars $250 - $500.

The beginning to intermediate bluegrass guitar player can find a good quality guitar in this category that will play great and sound very good. Many of these guitars even have solid tops as found on more expensive guitars. As always, you should buy as much guitar as your budget allows, but if your budget puts you in this price category, rest assured that you have some great bluegrass guitars from which to "pick!"

Guitars $250 - $500
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Indiana Scout Guitar
Indiana Scout Guitar
Here is a great sounding guitar for less. We've tried many of the other inexpensive brands and found the Indiana Scout, from the makers of Morgan Monroe, to be the only one that provides a good bluegrass tone and excellent playability.
Product# SCOUT
More info on Indiana Scout GuitarBuy Indiana Scout Guitar Now!List Price: US $189.95Our Price: US $134.95

Oscar Schmidt OG1 3/4 Size Guitar
Oscar Schmidt OG1 3/4 Size Guitar
A quality small-size steel-string guitar at a price that can't be beat! This 3/4 size steel string guitar provides superior intonation, action and response found only in instruments of far greater selling price.
Product# OG1
More info on Oscar Schmidt OG1 3/4 Size GuitarBuy Oscar Schmidt OG1 3/4 Size Guitar Now!List Price: US $325.00Our Price: US $169.99

Guitars $250.00 - $500.00
Guitars Under $250.00
Morgan Monroe Creekside Scaled Down
Morgan Monroe Creekside Scaled Down
The MV-01 is a 24 3/4” scale “00” guitar. From Bottle neck blues to intricate finger picking the MV-01 combines vintage styling with contemporary accents. The smaller body style is also a natural choice for female players.
Product# MV-01/C
More info on Morgan Monroe Creekside Scaled DownBuy Morgan Monroe Creekside Scaled Down Now!List Price: US $539.95Our Price: US $399.95

Guitars $500.00 - $1,000.00
Guitars Over $1,000.00

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