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Bass Fiddles

Bass Fiddles (Bass Violins) have been the standard instrument to carry the bass line in bluegrass bands since Bill Monroe and his Bluegrass Boys. While some bands use electric or acoustic bass guitars, the bass fiddle remains, by far, the instrument of choice. And to be precise, it is actually the three-quarter size bass violin that is the standard of the bluegrass band. A full size bass is just too large to be practical for most bands. While the legendary Kay bass is the Holy Grail of bass fiddles, they are no longer made. We offer some great import basses that are great sounding and playing instruments are an affordable price.

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Acoustic Upright Basses
Cremona SB-2 Bass Fiddle (3/4)
Cremona SB-2 Bass Fiddle (3/4)
Road warriors, Schools, Acoustic/Bluegrass/String/Jazz bands all need affordable, powerful bases that can take a beating and still produce day after day. The SB-2 is that Bass!
Product# SB2
More info on Cremona SB-2 Bass Fiddle (3/4)Buy Cremona SB-2 Bass Fiddle (3/4) Now!List Price: US $1,795.50Our Price: US $1,498.99

Palatino Flamed Bass Outfit
Palatino Flamed Bass Outfit
Built with a crack resistant spruce top, arched flamed maple back, and an ebony fingerboard, this bass is like no other in its price range. The bookmatched flamed maple back gives it a gorgeous look, and the ebony fingerboard improves the playability of the bass. The adjustable bridge allows players to effortlessly dial in their preferred action at a moments notice. The neck is hand-carved from solid maple and features a gorgeous, delicately carved scroll.
Product# VB-009
More info on Palatino Flamed Bass OutfitBuy Palatino Flamed Bass Outfit Now!List Price: US $2,399.99Our Price: US $1,799.99

Cremona SB-3 Bass Fiddle (3/4)
Cremona SB-3 Bass Fiddle (3/4)
This is America's best value in a Flamed Maple bass. With its beautiful violin-shaped body and quality fittings such as the ebony fingerboard... You will surely be noticed wherever you and your bass might go.
Product# SB3
More info on Cremona SB-3 Bass Fiddle (3/4)Buy Cremona SB-3 Bass Fiddle (3/4) Now!List Price: US $2,295.00Our Price: US $1,945.95

Cremona SB-4 Bass Fiddle (3/4)
Cremona SB-4 Bass Fiddle (3/4)
The market leader in student basses once again raises the bar for quality and value. Modeled after the popular basses from the 1940's and 1950's, the SB-4 easily meets and exceeds the demands of any player, from the working professional to the more advanced-level student. With features like a solid spruce top, a player contoured neck profile, and backed by the legendary Cremona name, this bass is more durable, playable and responsive than other basses on the market at twice the price. Just see for yourself, tune-in to WSM radio or watch the Grand Ole' Opry live on TV and you'll see a Cremona SB-4 in action every night!
Product# SB-4
More info on Cremona SB-4 Bass Fiddle (3/4)Buy Cremona SB-4 Bass Fiddle (3/4) Now!List Price: US $2,495.95Our Price: US $2,096.00

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