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OB-250+ Orange Blossom Banjo with JLS #12 Tone Ring
OB-250+ Orange Blossom Banjo with JLS #12 Tone Ring
List Price: US $2,666.65
Our Price: US $1,999.99
You Save: US $666.66
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Manufacturer: Gold Tone
SKU: OB-250+
The JLS “Special #12” tone ring is a replica of the Gibson tone rings used in the Granada models in the 1930s. The maker, Jim Stull of San Antonio, Texas, has analyzed original Gibson tone rings and duplicated the specifications. When electronically tested for pitch, sustain and ring, it equals the original. This tone ring also has a slightly longer “skirt,” which provides more con- tact with the wood rim and direct contact with the heel of the neck for opti- mal tone.

  • Neck Maple Bridge Gary Sosebee Aged Maple Bridge; 5/8"
  • Fingerboard Ebony
  • Wood Finish Vintage Brown Fingerboard Inlay Hearts & Flowers
  • Body Binding Curly Maple Neck Binding Curly Maple
  • Nut Bone Flange One-piece Die Cast
  • Tailpiece Straightline Tailpiece Strings GDGBD - .010, .013, .016, .024w, .010
  • Plating Chrome Tuners GT Master Plantetary Tuners
  • Tone Ring JLS #12 Bell Bronze Tone Ring (Made in USA) Strings Rim Tony Pass Schaeffer Birch Block Rim
  • Tension Hoop Brass; Notched Arm Rest "Gold Tone" Engraved
  • Pickup Optional SMP+ Optional ABS or ABS-C Mic System
  • Case Options Case Included Other Options Lefty / Capo Spikes / Radiused Fingerboard
  • Other Finish Options Natural
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