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Fiddle Strings

Fiddle strings were originally made of sheep's intestine, also called catgut. Most fiddle strings today are either a stranded synthetic core wound with metal, or a solid or stranded steel core, wound with metals. Fiddle strings may have several layers of winding to influence the warmth or brightness of the string. Fiddle string prices vary greatly by the materal type with gut-core being the most expensive, followed by synthetic cores, and the cheapest being steel cores.

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Super Sensitive Red Label Medium
Super Sensitive Red Label Medium
Full core steel string with nickel winding. These long-lasting strings provide good tonal quality and dependability. Favored by instructors, students, and by many professional musicians.
Product# SS2107
More info on Super Sensitive Red Label MediumBuy Super Sensitive Red Label Medium Now!List Price: US $34.57Our Price: US $24.99

Old Fiddler Strings
Old Fiddler Strings
Ideal for Country, Western & Bluegrass. Produce and crisp clean sound, stay in tune and hold a perfect tone even under changing outdoor concert conditions.
Product# SS240
More info on Old Fiddler StringsBuy Old Fiddler Strings Now!List Price: US $32.60Our Price: US $24.99

D'Addario Prelude
D'Addario Prelude
Solid steel core string that is durable and not affected by temperature and humidity changes. Prelude strings have a clear, bright sound without the shrill sound of traditional steel strings and have a quick bow response.
Product# J810
More info on D'Addario PreludeBuy D'Addario Prelude Now!List Price: US $32.00Our Price: US $20.99

D'Addario Helicore
D'Addario Helicore
Helicore's multi-strand, twisted steel core strings have a small string diameter providing a quick bow response. Thanks to special manufacturing techniques, the Helicore strings have a warm clear sound with excellent pitch stability and longevity.
Product# H310
More info on D'Addario HelicoreBuy D'Addario Helicore Now!List Price: US $60.00Our Price: US $42.99

Thomastik Dominant Violin Strings
Thomastik Dominant Violin Strings
The core of Dominant strings are made of perlon, a synthetic material which retaines the elastic nature of gut, while exhibiting superior response, durability and volume.
Product# 135
More info on Thomastik Dominant Violin StringsBuy Thomastik Dominant Violin Strings Now!List Price: US $90.50Our Price: US $66.95

D'Addario Zyex
D'Addario Zyex
Zyex is a new composite fiber core that is the closest man-made equivalent to gut, with better recovery, less tension loss, and a much higher resistance to climatic changes. Unanimously praised by violinists and makers around the world.
Product# DZ310A
More info on D'Addario ZyexBuy D'Addario Zyex Now!List Price: US $103.00Our Price: US $61.95

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