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Bass Strings

Bass strings are a very heavy gauge (Thickness) necessary to produce the long wavelengths and low tones of the bass instrument. Traditionally, bass violin strings were made of gut for an even mellow tone. While gut strings are still available, the cost and high maintenance has seen them be replaced by synthetic materials. Steel strings as well as a synthetic material wrapped with steel are also a common bass string construction.

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Supernill Bass Strings
Supernill Bass Strings
One of the only Nylon core bass strings still on the market. Thick diameter, loose tension, that are a good choice bluegrass bass playing. Easier on the fingers than steel and much cheaper than gut.
Product# 1006SN
More info on Supernill Bass StringsBuy Supernill Bass Strings Now!List Price: US $160.00Our Price: US $105.00

Red Label Bass
Red Label Bass
Full core steel string with nickel winding bass set.
Product# SS810RG
More info on Red Label BassBuy Red Label Bass Now!List Price: US $158.00Our Price: US $109.00

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