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Electronic tuners have revolutionized and taken the guesswork out of tuning instruments. No more blowing on pitch pipes or banging tuning forks to get in tune. And today, there are many electronic tuners from which to choose for your exact instrument, style of music, playing conditions and personal preferences. Choose from analog or digital tuners, clamp on or hand held, transducers versus built in microphones or chromatic versus guitar tuners. All of our tuners are discount prices and most ship the same day.

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Tune Tech Intelli Tuner
Tune Tech Intelli Tuner
New and Improved Version of the very popular TT-500. The Tune Tech TT-501 clip-on chromatic tuner is designed to tune stringed instruments without interference from ambient room noise.
Product# TT-501
More info on Tune Tech Intelli TunerBuy Tune Tech Intelli Tuner Now!List Price: US $32.95Our Price: US $26.95

Gold Tone Bluegrass Tuner
Gold Tone Bluegrass Tuner
Finally, a tuner made especially for bluegrass instruments. Extra stable and accurate, it locks on to the pitch of the string you are tuning, screens out ambient noise and sympathetic vibrations from other strings. Automatic and manual tuning modes for mando, banjo, guitar & chromatic tuning. Needle style meter on LCD screen plus the familiar simple LED lights.
Product# BGT
More info on Gold Tone Bluegrass TunerBuy Gold Tone Bluegrass Tuner Now!List Price: US $44.00Our Price: US $32.95

Gold Tone CCT Clip on Tuner
Gold Tone CCT Clip on Tuner
Designed by Wayne Rogers with easy to use new features, this clip on chromatic tuner will be your favorite!
Product# CCT
More info on Gold Tone CCT Clip on TunerBuy Gold Tone CCT Clip on Tuner Now!List Price: US $30.00Our Price: US $22.95

Sabine Zoid Tuner
Sabine Zoid Tuner
Zoid Z-1000 Clip-On Tuner by Sabine. All the convenience of a clip-on tuner, but this one has that rock-solid Sabine tuning algorithm.
Product# Z-1000
More info on Sabine Zoid TunerBuy Sabine Zoid Tuner Now!List Price: US $51.95Our Price: US $24.95

Intellitouch Classic PT30
Intellitouch Classic PT30
A classic, chromatic tuner that senses your instrument's vibrations and allows you to tune quickly and accurately.
Product# PT30
More info on Intellitouch Classic PT30Buy Intellitouch Classic PT30 Now!List Price: US $54.95Our Price: US $39.95

Intellitouch PT30 Mni Tuner
Intellitouch PT30 Mni Tuner
This tiny, clip-on tuner senses instrument vibrations so you can tune quickly and accurately. The Intellitouch PT10 Mini tuner pushes the boundaries forward for small, compact-sized instrument tuners, while still having a large, easy-to-read backlit display. Ideal for everyone, its ease of use and reliability is what beginners need and what professionals want.
Product# PT-2
More info on Intellitouch PT30 Mni TunerBuy Intellitouch PT30 Mni Tuner Now!List Price: US $39.95Our Price: US $29.95

Korg AW-2 Tuner
Korg AW-2 Tuner
More flexible and more aggressive! Introducing the AW2, the definitive clip-type tuners that fit any instrument and guarantee ideal tuning.
Product# AW-2
More info on Korg AW-2 TunerBuy Korg AW-2 Tuner Now!List Price: US $75.00Our Price: US $39.99

Korg GA30 Guitar Tuner
Korg GA30 Guitar Tuner
High-precision LCD needle-type meter. Unique Korg feature lets you tune up to 5 semitones flat. Internal speaker produces tuning reference tone. High-sensitivity internal mic for tuning acoustic guitars. Auto power off and low power draw for very long battery life.
Product# GA30
More info on Korg GA30 Guitar TunerBuy Korg GA30 Guitar Tuner Now!List Price: US $24.95Our Price: US $16.95

Qwik Tune Guitar Tuner
Qwik Tune Guitar Tuner
Tunes any acoustic, electric or bass guitar. Packed with features that make tuning up on stage a breeze: meter and LED lights for improved accuracy; automatic note selection; and In and Out jacks.
Product# QT-1
More info on Qwik Tune Guitar TunerBuy Qwik Tune Guitar Tuner Now!List Price: US $19.95Our Price: US $14.99

Boss Guitar/Bass Tuner
Boss Guitar/Bass Tuner
With an expanded tuning range of C1 to B6, TU12H can help tune instruments of all frequencies, from wind and string instruments to keyboards and bluegrass musical instruments. Concert pitch can be adjusted within 440 and 445 hz in 1 hz steps.
Product# TU12H
More info on Boss Guitar/Bass TunerBuy Boss Guitar/Bass Tuner Now!List Price: US $109.50Our Price: US $99.95

Korg Contact Microphone
Korg Contact Microphone
The perfect compliment to any tuner that offers an audio input jack. The mic can be positioned to get a more sensitive reading and elimiate background noise, while allowing the tuner to be positioned for easier reading.
Product# CM100L
More info on Korg Contact MicrophoneBuy Korg Contact Microphone Now!List Price: US $18.95Our Price: US $14.95

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