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Gold Tone CCT Clip on Tuner
Gold Tone CCT Clip on Tuner
List Price: US $30.00
Our Price: US $22.95
You Save: US $7.05
Manufacturer: Gold Tone
Designed by Wayne Rogers with easy to use new features, this clip on chromatic tuner will be your favorite!

  • 360 degree adjustment. That mean it can be located on the headstock (front or back), on the banjo rim, on any acoustic instrument in any location.. and the display can be adjusted to a perfect upright angle.
  • Settings...Chromatic, Guitar, Banjo (yes, the only tuner w/this setting needed especially for beginning banjoists) violin/mandolin, soprano ukelele.
  • Large display of note and color change when string is in tune. Also when individual instrument settings are selected (not chromatic) it displays the string # being played.
  • Only 440 HZ.. No chance of pushing a wrong button and being tuned in a higher or lower pitch. In fact it only has one button. Plus it will stay on the instrument selection chosen when turned on and off
  • Automatic shut-off after 2 minute of non use.
  • Small, compact, and aesthetically designed. Plus, it may folded over and left on the instrument when put in the case.
  • Instructions written in simple sense by Wayne Rogers.. I explain things like string dampening and why sometimes you may have inaccurate readings (Like a badly worn string!)


    I love this tuner! It is small enough to hide behind my guitar headstock, and rotates to almost any position imaginable. I also like that I can leave it on my guitar when it is in the case. The display is large, clear and clean-looking – I can actually see and use it without my glasses. The display is also bright enough (and large enough) to use in virtually all lighting conditions. I appreciate that it has an automatic shut-off after a couple minutes of non-use. This tuner locks onto a note quickly and is very accurate. The fact that the display changes color when in tune, makes it that much easier to use. I would highly recommend this tuner to anyone in the market for a great clip-on tuner. Becky Atwood

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