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Shubb-Pearse SP1 Guitar Steel
Shubb-Pearse SP1 Guitar Steel
List Price: US $32.95
Our Price: US $28.95
You Save: US $4.00
Manufacturer: Shubb Capos
THe original Shubb-Pearse Steel designed by John Pearse is favored by many players for its extra length and cutaway bullet tip.
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Essential Techniques for Dobro  - 2 DVD's
Essential Techniques for Dobro - 2 DVD's
These two lessons will give learning players all the tools they'll need to master the resonator guitar. Rob Ickes covers everything from fine-tuning the strings to picking style, bar position, bluegrass back-up technique, and how to achieve good tone, timing and volume control. 2-DVD SET � INCLUDES TAB � LEVEL 2/3 Download now from!
Product# 641578
More info on Essential Techniques for Dobro  - 2 DVD'sBuy Essential Techniques for Dobro  - 2 DVD's Now!List Price: US $49.95Our Price: US $46.95
Beginning Country and Bluegrass Dobro
Beginning Country and Bluegrass Dobro
This video will get your skills started off right! Includes detailed study of: Bar technique - pick technique - chimes - trills, bending strings - hammer-ons - pull-offs, slants - rhythm chops - using the cassette recorder - slow songs, fast songs - and much more.
Product# 7033
More info on Beginning Country and Bluegrass DobroBuy Beginning Country and Bluegrass Dobro Now!List Price: US $29.95Our Price: US $27.95
Shubb Dobro Capo
Shubb Dobro Capo
The Shubb clamps solidly to the neck to provide great tone. It uses the same patented locking action of our Shubb guitar capo, and it aligns by touching the fret, not by eye, making it fast and accurate. User adjustable for different string heights.
Product# SC6B
More info on Shubb Dobro CapoBuy Shubb Dobro Capo Now!List Price: US $39.95Our Price: US $35.95
Morgan Monroe Dobro Strap
Morgan Monroe Dobro Strap
Adjustable all leather strap that distributes weight evenly and reduces fatique.
Product# MD-1
More info on Morgan Monroe Dobro StrapBuy Morgan Monroe Dobro Strap Now!List Price: US $26.95Our Price: US $22.95
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