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Martin Marquis Leather Strap
Martin Marquis Leather Strap
List Price: US $33.00
Our Price: US $27.95
You Save: US $5.05
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Manufacturer: Martin Strings and Accessories
Martin Marquis 2 1/2 inch adjustable deluxe leather guitar strap. Full-grain leather strap detailed with gold metallic imprinted C.F. Martin & Co. logo. Features wide stitching and felt backing. The felt padding adds just enough extra padding to make this a very comfortable strap. This strap is adjustable to a maximum length of 50 inches. Available in brown, black and natual leather.
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Martin Guitar Polish
Martin Guitar Polish
Great polish to take care of your guitar, whether its a Martin or not!
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Planet Waves Pro Winder
Planet Waves Pro Winder
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Kyser Lifeguard Humidifier
Kyser Lifeguard Humidifier
Fits quickly into the soundhole and seals the humidity in tht interior of the guitar providing uniform distribution of humidity throughout the guitar.
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Shubb Deluxe Guitar Capo
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Martin Bluegrass Guitar Strings
Martin Bluegrass Guitar Strings
Martin 80/20 Bronze strings are a high-quality solution for daily use. Core and wrap wires must meet strict requirements to make the grade. Martin Strings are wound to precise specifications.
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