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Dunlop Lap Dawg Tonebar
Dunlop Lap Dawg Tonebar
List Price: US $35.00
Our Price: US $29.99
You Save: US $5.01
Manufacturer: Dunlop Picks
SKU: 926
Designed for progressive players, featuring a larger radius for added sustain and vibrato, re-designed body for a more comfortable grip and new side angles. Delivers better speed and clarity for hammer on's and pull offs. Chromed brass (5.1 oz.)
Dobro Steels Related Products
Shubb Dobro Capo
Shubb Dobro Capo
The Shubb clamps solidly to the neck to provide great tone. It uses the same patented locking action of our Shubb guitar capo, and it aligns by touching the fret, not by eye, making it fast and accurate. User adjustable for different string heights.
Product# SC6B
More info on Shubb Dobro CapoBuy Shubb Dobro Capo Now!List Price: US $39.95Our Price: US $35.95
Morgan Monroe Dobro Strap
Morgan Monroe Dobro Strap
Adjustable all leather strap that distributes weight evenly and reduces fatique.
Product# MD-1
More info on Morgan Monroe Dobro StrapBuy Morgan Monroe Dobro Strap Now!List Price: US $26.95Our Price: US $22.95
You Can Teach Yourself Dobro
You Can Teach Yourself Dobro
Several of the most popular styles used in playing the Dobro, including bluegrass, old-time, country, blues, Hawaiian, and more. No previous musical knowledge needed. Flex binding. Written in G tuning in tablature only. All of the songs in the book are on the CD.
Product# 95227DVD
More info on You Can Teach Yourself DobroBuy You Can Teach Yourself Dobro Now!List Price: US $14.95Our Price: US $13.95
Backup and Fills For Dobro (4 CD's)
Backup and Fills For Dobro (4 CD's)
This 4-hour course will give you the ability to play backup in any situation you encounter. You will gain a large vocabulary of backup material & an understanding of how to apply the licks from both theory discussion & example tunes. 4 CD'S. No Book. Download now from!
Product# 6971
More info on Backup and Fills For Dobro (4 CD's)Buy Backup and Fills For Dobro (4 CD's) Now!List Price: US $44.95Our Price: US $42.95
Josh Graves Set
Josh Graves Set
Complete 3 course set! All of Josh Graves classic solos played exactly as Josh recorded them originally. Played fast and then slowed down on the CD.
Product# 7001
More info on Josh Graves SetBuy Josh Graves Set Now!List Price: US $44.95Our Price: US $42.95
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