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You Can Teach Yourself Blues Guitar
You Can Teach Yourself Blues Guitar
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SKU: 94699DVD

This companion video to the book of the same title provides a truly enjoyable in-depth look at the basics of acoustic blues guitar! Learn the blues progression, blues chords, strum patterns, how to accompany a blues song, 6/8 blues, minor blues, power chords, moveable chords, barre chords, the blues scale, turnarounds, fill-ins, the capo, double stops, blues licks, bass line accompaniments, 12/8 blues, blues techniques, how to build and play an improvised solo, and fingerpicking blues. Also included are dozens of blues solos and 9 great new blues songs!


Tuning Up
Basic Chords
The Blues Progression
Twelve Bar Blues
Exercises 1-3
Strum Patterns
Baby Don't Love Me
Exercises 5-7
Power Chords
Exercise 8
Good Mornin' Blues
Movable Power Chords
Exercises 14-17
Barre Chords
Exercise 18
Second Category
Exercises 19-23
Be Your Puppet
Ties, Hammer-Ons, & Pull-Offs
Slides, Bends, & Vibrato
Turnarounds & Exercises 31-33
Exercises 39-42
Stay Away From Mine
Worn Out Shoes
Beg, Steal, or Borrow
The Blues Scale
Exercise 59
The "G" Blues Scale
The "E" Blues Scale
Swamp Blues
Another "G" Blues Scale
Exercise 66
The "A" Blues Scale
Jimmy's Shuffle
The "C" Blues Scale
Exercise 71
Another "A" Blues Scale
Exercise 73
Another "C" Blues Scale
Exercise 75
Using the Capo
Double Stops
Exercises 77 & 79
Common Blues Licks
Exercises 80-83 & 89-93
Bass Line Accompaniments
You're the Cure
Building a Blues Solo
Exercises 101 & 102
Fingerpicking Blues Solos


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