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You Can Teach Yourself Classic Guitar
You Can Teach Yourself Classic Guitar
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SKU: 95119DVD

This is an easy-to-understand yet very comprehensive method. You will learn to play classic guitar in all of the basic keys. In addition you will play a very wide assortment of solos ranging from the Renaissance to 20th Century compositions. Also, you will be taught to play many of the great student masterpieces by composers such as Sor, Carcassi, Carulli, Diabelli, Giuliani, Bach, Handel and Dowland. Finally, studies are contained for playing in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th positions. Definitely a "hands on" method that gets you playing wonderful classic guitar literature.


Getting Started
Hand Position
Tuning the Guitar
Left & Right Hand Fingering
Play "E" with Middle Finger
Alternate Middle & Index Fingers
Rest Study
"E" in 3/4 Time
Counting Song
I Love Eating Donuts
Don't Step on Alligators
Eating Pizza Makes Me Happy
More Studies
Out West
B, C, D Studies
Surprise Song, Sailing, & Walking Over Hills
Flower Song, Lyric Waltz, & All Smiles
Running the Strings
Wide Spaces & Staircase
3 String Study & Memories of Bygone Days
Selections from pg. 24
Thumb Builder pg. 26
Selections from pg. 27
Selections from pg. 29
Selections from pg. 31
Guitar Lament pg. 32
Selections from pg. 33
Selections from pg. 34
Low "E" Waltz pg. 35
Meditation pg. 36
Etude pg. 37
Minuet pg. 38
Selections from pg. 39
Allegretto by F. Sor pg. 43
Wilson's Wilde by John Dowland pg. 44
Andante by F. Sor pg. 46
Minuet by Telemann pg. 48
Study in C by F. Sor pg. 53
Triplets & Cascade pg. 54
Allegretto by W. Bay pg. 55
Melody by W. Bay pg. 57
Musetta's Waltz by Puccini pg.58
Andantino by F. Carulli pg. 59
Reverie pg. 60
6/8 Etude by W. Bay pg. 62
Kemp's Jig pg. 63
Dance Macabre pg. 64
Prelude pg. 66
Etude pg. 67
Shepherds Dance by Carulli pg. 68
Barcelona pg. 69
Study & Greensleeves pg. 70
Allegro pg. 71
Waltz pg. 72
Larghetto & Prelude pg. 73
Tarantella pg. 74
Study pg. 75
Hymn & Lively Dance pg. 78
Andantino pg. 80
Moderato pg. 82
Song pg. 84
Minuet pg. 85
Calypso Dance & Tango pg. 88
Interlude pg. 92
Concord pg. 93
The Musice Box pg. 94
Reverie pg. 95
Prelude III pg. 99
Prelude pg. 102
Prelude in B Minor pg. 103
Andantino Mosso pg. 111


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