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The Fiddle Music of Scotland
The Fiddle Music of Scotland
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Manufacturer: Mel Bay Publications
SKU: 95070
A comprehensive annotated collection of 365 tunes with a historical introduction. Much more than a definitive collection of tunes, James Hunter's introduction traces the history of the fiddle and music through the centuries. Songs:
  • (A.A.) Gladstone (Edinburgh) J.S. Skinner
  • (Willie) Pottinger's Reel T. Anderson
  • Aandowin At The Bow
  • Admiral Nelson Niel Gow
  • Aith Rant
  • Andrew Carr
  • Angus Cameron's Compliments To Alex Webster Angus Cameron
  • Angus Campbell J.S. Skinner
  • Archie Menzies John Lowe
  • Auld Robin Gray Rev. W. Leeves
  • Balcomie House
  • Banks Hornpipe Parazotti
  • Because He Was A Bonnie Lad
  • Belladrum House As Played By Angus Cameron
  • Berryden Cottage Peter Milne
  • Betty Washington J.S. Skinner
  • Bonnie Banchory J.S. Skinner
  • Bonnie Glenfarg J.S. Skinner
  • Bovaglie's (Or Roualeyn's) Plaid J.S. Skinner
  • Brandlings Abr. Mackintosh
  • Brechin Castle
  • Brochan Lom
  • Brown's Reel
  • Bruachan Loch Nis: The Banks Of Lock Ness
  • Caber Feidh: The Deer's Antlers
  • Cameron's Got His Wife Again
  • Campbell's Polka J.M. Hunter
  • Caoidh Na H'alba' Airson Nial Gobha: Capt. S. Fraser
  • Captain Campbell
  • Captain Gillan Wm. Christie
  • Captain Keeler
  • Carnie's Canter J.S. Skinner
  • Carron Water
  • Chapel Keithack Wm. Marshall, Arr: J.M. Hunter
  • Clach Na Cudain: The Cross Of Inverness
  • Clachnacuddin
  • Cluny Castle (Inverness-Shire) Alexander Troup
  • Coilsfield House
  • Colonel Mcbain
  • Craigellachie Brig Wm. Marshall
  • Cropie's Strathspey Peter Milne
  • Crowhillock A. Duff
  • Culloden House J. Anderson
  • Da Forfeit O' Da Ship
  • Da Foula Reel
  • Da Guisers' March G. Stove
  • Da Mirrie Boys O' Greenland
  • Da Tushkar R. Cooper
  • Dalkeith House Jas. Macdonald
  • Dargai J.S. Skinner
  • Deil Stick Da Minister
  • Delting Bridal March
  • Donald Blue
  • Down The Tannoch Road A. Harper
  • Drops Of Brandy
  • Drummond Castle
  • Dumfries House J. Riddell
  • Duncan Davidson
  • Dunkeld Bridge Niel Gow
  • Dunnottar Castle
  • Duntroon Castle As Played By Arthur S. Robertson
  • Earl Grey J. Hill
  • Effie Glasgow Of Longmorn Wm. Macpherson
  • Eiridh Na Finnacha' Gaelach: The Rebel War Song
  • Farewell To Whiskey Niel Gow
  • Ferintosh Whisky
  • Forbes Morrison J.S. Skinner
  • Frank Gilruth Peter Milne
  • Garthlands Jas. Macdonald
  • Geordie Affleck
  • Gillan's Reel P. Milne
  • Gille-Callum
  • Glen Grant C. Grant
  • Glengrant J.S. Skinner, Arr: J.M. Hunter
  • Glenlivet (Whiskey) J.S. Skinner
  • Greig's
  • Gudewife, Admit The Wanderer
  • Gun Bhris Mo Chridh O'n Dh'fhalbh Thu
  • Hamilton House
  • Harvest Home Arr: J.M. Hunter
  • Hector (Macdonald) The Hero J.S. Skinner
  • Heilan Donald Kissed Kitty
  • Highland Whiskey Niel Gow
  • Ho Cha Neil Mulad Oirnn: The Emigrant's Farewell
  • Hon. Capt. Elliot's Quickstep J. Pringle
  • Hon. Mill Elliott J. Pringle
  • Hon. Mrs. Campbell Of Lochnell Robt. Mackintosh
  • Huntly Lodge
  • Huntly Lodge Wm. Marshall
  • Inver Lasses
  • J.F. Dickie's Delight J.M. Henderson
  • J.O. Forbes Of Corse Peter Milne
  • Jack Is Yet Alive
  • James F. Dickie J.M. Henderson
  • Jenny Dang The Weaver
  • Jessie Smith
  • John Mcneil Peter Milne
  • John O' Groat's House
  • Johnnie In Nether Mains Niel Gow
  • Johnnie Steele J. Barnett
  • Kate Dalrymple Arr: J.M. Hunter
  • Kinrara Wm. Marshall
  • Lady Ann Hope J. Pringle
  • Lady Ann Hope's Favourite Niel Gow
  • Lady Boswell Of Auchinleck Nath. Gow
  • Lady Charlotte Bruce Wm. Shepherd
  • Lady Charlotte Campbell Nath. Gow
  • Lady Charlotte Campbell Robt. Mackintosh
  • Lady Charlotte Campbell Robt. Mackintosh, Arr: J.M. Hunter
  • Lady Doll Sinclair
  • Lady Madelina Sinclair Wm. Marshall
  • Lady Mary Hay's Scots Measure
  • Lady Mary Primrose
  • Lady Mary Ramsay Nath. Gow
  • Lady Moira
  • Lady Montgomerie Lord Egintoun
  • Lamb Skinnet
  • Lament For Sir Harry Lumsden, Bart., Of Auchindoir Wm. Marshall
  • Lament For The Death Of The Rev. Archie Beaton J. Mason
  • Largo's Fairy Dance Nath. Gow, Arr: J.M. Hunter
  • Light And Airy
  • Link Him Dodie
  • Loch Earn Nath. Gow
  • Loch Leven Castle
  • Lochrynach
  • Lord Elcho Robt. Mackintosh
  • Lord Lyndoch P. Agnew
  • Lord Macdonald
  • Macgillamun's Oran Mor G. Macilwham
  • Mackworth J.S. Skinner, Arr: J.M. Hunter
  • Macpherson's Rant J. Macpherson
  • Madam Frederick Wm. Marshall
  • Maggie Cameron As Played By Arthur S. Robertson
  • Mairi Bhan Og: Mary, Young And Fair
  • Maise An Taobh Tuath: The Beauty Of The North Capt. S. Fraser
  • Major Graham Of Inchbrakie Niel Gow
  • Mangister Voe T. Anderson
  • Mar Castle J.S. Skinner
  • Margaret Ann Robertson F.R. Jamieson
  • Master Francis Sitwell Nath. Gow
  • Mcfarlane O' The Sproats O' Burnieboozie W. Kemp
  • Mcgregor's Freedom March I. Munro
  • Mckenzie Hay J.S. Skinner
  • Mclean Of Pennycross Anne Ferguson, As Played By Arthur S. Robertson
  • Meg Merrilees
  • Middling, Thank You
  • Miss (Sarah) Drummond Of Perth
  • Miss Admiral Gordon Wm. Marshall
  • Miss Andy Campbell's Scots Measure Alex Mcglashan
  • Miss Ann Cameron Of Balvenie Wm. Marshall
  • Miss Barstow Robt. Mackintosh
  • Miss Cameron Of Balvenie Wm. Marshall
  • Miss Campbellj Of Saddell Robt. Mackintosh
  • Miss Catherine Maxwell's Scots Measure Abr. Mackintosh
  • Miss Clementina Loughnan Nath. Gow
  • Miss Coxe Mrs. Mcintyre
  • Miss Douglas Moncrieff Robt. Mackintosh, As Played By Douglas Lawrence
  • Miss Dumbreck
  • Miss Elenora Robertson Robt. Mackintosh
  • Miss Farquharson Of Invercauld Wm. Marshall
  • Miss Gayton
  • Miss Gordon Of Gight I. Cooper
  • Miss Graham Of Incbrakie Nath. Gow.
  • Miss Haldane Of Gleneagles
  • Miss Hannah Of Elgin Wm. Marshall
  • Miss Laura Andrew J.S. Skinner
  • Miss Loudon Robert Lowe
  • Miss Lucy Johnston's Compliments To Niel Gow L. Johnston
  • Miss Lyall As Played By Angus Cameron
  • Miss Margaret Graham Of Gartmore's Favourite Wm. Marshall
  • Miss Mary Walker (Of Peterhead) J.S. Skinner
  • Miss Maule Robt. Mackintosh
  • Miss Sally Hunter Of Thurston Nath. Gow
  • Miss Shepherd J.S. Skinner
  • Miss Stewart Of Bombay Wm. Marshall
  • Miss Stewart Of Grantully Niel Gow
  • Miss Stewart's Fancy Abr. Mackintosh
  • Miss Susan Cooper R. Cooper
  • Miss Wedderburn
  • Miss Wharton Duff Wm. Marshall, Arr: J.M. Hunter
  • Monymusk D. Dow
  • Mormond Braes
  • Mr. Garden Of Troup's Farewell To France R. Petrie
  • Mr. Gordon Of Hallhead Wm. Marshall
  • Mr. Michie A. Fitchet
  • Mr. Oswald Of Auchincruive Robt. Mackintosh, As Played By Douglas Lawrence
  • Mr. William Davidson Joseph Lowe
  • Mrs. Colquhoun Grant I. Cooper
  • Mrs. Dundas Of Arniston Wm. Gow
  • Mrs. Fraser Of Cullen Wm. Marshall
  • Mrs. Garden Of Troup R. Petrie, Arr: J.M. Hunter
  • Mrs. Hamilton Of Pencaitland
  • Mrs. Helen N. Robertson A.S. Robertson
  • Mrs. Hood Abr. Mackintosh
  • Mrs. Jamieson's Favourite C. Grant
  • Mrs. Major L. Stewart Of The Island Of Java Wm. Marshall
  • Mrs. Mcinroy Of Lude Joseph Lowe, Arr: J.M. Hunter
  • Mrs. Mckenzie Of Applecross Joseph Lowe
  • Mrs. Mcleod Of Raasay
  • Mrs. Mcpherson Of Gibton Wm. Marshall
  • Mrs. Menzies Of Culdare A. Duff
  • Mrs. Russell Of Blackhall Robt. Mackintosh
  • Mrs. Scott Skinner J.S. Skinner
  • Mrs. Stewart Nicholson Nath. Gow.
  • Muileann Dubh: The Black Mill
  • Nach Truagh Mo Chas: Hard Is My Fate
  • Neil Gow's Lamentation For James Moray, Esq., Of A Niel Gow
  • Newcastle Bridge Abr. Mackintosh
  • Niel Gow's Lament For The Death Of His Second Wife Niel Gow
  • North Of The Grampians Capt. S. Fraser
  • Nuaghalachd: Then Novelty Capt. S. Fraser
  • Orange And Blue As Played By Bill Hardie
  • Peter's Peerie Boat T. Anderson
  • Petronella
  • Pretty Peggy
  • Prince Charlie's Last View Of Scotland
  • Queen Elizabeth March J. Moir
  • Quickstep Neil Gow, As Played By J.M. Hunter
  • Rachel Rae John Lowe
  • Rattlin' Roarin' Willie
  • Reel Of Tulloch
  • Rose Acre J.S. Skinner
  • Roslin Castle
  • Roxburgh Castle
  • Scott Skinner's Compliments To Dr. Mcdonald J. S. Skinner
  • Sheep Shanks
  • Sir George Clerk Of Pennycuick Nath. Gow
  • Sir James Grant J. Anderson
  • Sir Reginald Macdonald
  • Sitting On The Stern Of A Boat Rev. Wm. Mcleod
  • Sleepy Maggie Arr: J.M. Hunter
  • South Of The Grampians Jas. Porteous, As Played By Bill Hardie
  • Speed The Plough
  • Springfield Abr. Mackintosh
  • Staten Island
  • Stirling Castle Prof. Bannatyne, As Played By Bill Hardie
  • Stumpie
  • Tam's Hunting Horn I. Munro
  • Taste Da Green
  • Teviot Brig
  • The 10 Pound Fiddle J.S. Skinner
  • The Ancient Barons Of Kilravock
  • The Athole Highlanders' Farewell To Loch Katrine W. Rose
  • The Athole Volunteers March Niel Gow
  • The Auld Brig O' Don J. Henry
  • The Auld Toon O' Ayr
  • The Auld Wheel J.S. Skinner
  • The Auld Wife Ayont The Fire Arr: J.M. Hunter
  • The Barnyards Of Delgaty
  • The Barren Rocks Of Aden A Mackellar
  • The Bee's Wing Hornpipe J. Hill
  • The Bob Of Dowally Arr: J. M. Hunter
  • The Bonnie Banks Of Ayr
  • The Bonnie Lass O' Bon-Accord J.S. Skinner, Arr: J.M. Hunter
  • The Bonnie Lass O' Fyvie
  • The Bow-Legged Bosun J.M. Hunter
  • The Braes O' Mar Attr: John Coutts Of Deeside
  • The Braes O' Tullymet
  • The Braes Of Auchtertyre Crockat, Arr: J.S. Skinner
  • The Bride's Reel J.S. Skinner
  • The Bridge Of Dee J. Young
  • The Bridge Of Tilt As Played By Angus Cameron
  • The Brig O' Potarch J.S. Skinner
  • The Bungalow J.S. Skinner
  • The Cairdin' O't
  • The Cameron Highlanders J.S. Skinner
  • The Claymore Angus Cameron
  • The Cock O' The North
  • The College Hornpipe
  • The Countess Of Crawford (Dunecht House) Peter Milne, As Played By Arthur S. Robertson
  • The Countess Of Sutherland G. Jenkins
  • The Cradle Song J.S. Skinner
  • The Dashing White Sergeant
  • The Dean Brig O' Edinburgh Airchie Allan
  • The Deil Amang The Tailors
  • The Deuks Dang O'er My Daddie
  • The Devil's In The Kitchen
  • The Duchess Of Athole's Slipper Niel Gow
  • The Duchess Of Bedford Wm. Marshall
  • The Duchess Of Buccleugh's Favourite
  • The Duchess Of Manchester's Farewell To The Highla Wm. Marshall
  • The Duke Of Gordon's Birthday Wm. Marshall, As Played By Douglas Lawrence
  • The Earl Of Crawford Peter Milne
  • The Earl Of Errol F. Peacock
  • The Earl Of Lauderdale
  • The East Neuk O' Fife
  • The Ewie With The Crooked Horn
  • The Flower Of The Quern J.S. Skinner, Arr: J.M. Hunter
  • The Flowers Of Edinburgh
  • The Forth Bridge W. Blyth
  • The Glories Of "The Star" J.S. Skinner
  • The Haughs O' Cromdale
  • The Hawk Hornpipe J. Hill, Arr: J.M. Hunter
  • The Haymakers
  • The Hen's March O'er The Midden
  • The High Level Hornpipe J. Hill
  • The High Road To Linton
  • The Highlands Of Banffshire
  • The Hills Of Lorne C. Hunter
  • The Hurdle Race Jas. Fraser
  • The Iron Man (W.M.F. Mchardy, Forgue) J.S. Skinner
  • The Kirrie Kebbuck J.S. Skinner
  • The Laird O' Drumblair J.S. Skinner, As Played By Bill Hardie
  • The Laird O' Macintosh
  • The Laird O' Thrums J.S. Skinner
  • The Lassies O' Dunse
  • The Left-Handed Fiddler J.S. Skinner
  • The Leys O' Luncarty
  • The Lochmaben Hornpipe
  • The Lovat Scouts J.S. Skinner
  • The Marchfield Brae Scots Measure R. Gonnella
  • The Marchioness Of Cornwallis Wm. Marshall
  • The Marchioness Of Huntly Wm Marshall
  • The Marchioness Of Huntly's Favourite Wm. Marshall
  • The Marquis Of Huntly P. Milne, As Played By Arthur S. Robertson
  • The Marquis Of Huntly Wm. Marshall
  • The Marquis Of Huntly's Farewell Wm. Marshall
  • The Marquis Of Huntly's Highland Fling G. Jenkins
  • The Marquis Of Huntly's Snuff Mill Wm. Marshall
  • The Marquis Of Tullybardine John Crerar
  • The Marquis Of Tweedale's Favourite D. Macdonald
  • The Mason's Apron
  • The Mathematician J.S. Skinner
  • The Mill Burn
  • The Miller O' Hirn J.S. Skinner
  • The Miller Of Camserney Archie Menzies
  • The Miller Of Drone As Played By Bill Hardie
  • The Muckin' O' Geordie's Byre
  • The Music O' Spey J.S. Skinner
  • The Nameless Lassie Wm. Marshall
  • The New-Rigged Ship (Miss Finlay's Delight)
  • The Newcastle Hornpipe J. Hill
  • The Perth (Shire) Assembly S. Duncan
  • The Perth (Shire) Hunt Miss Stirling
  • The Peterhead Polka
  • The Rights Of Man
  • The Rose-Bud Of Allenvale J.S. Skinner
  • The Second Star Hornpipe G. Tate, Arr: Arthur S. Robertson
  • The Smith's A Gallant Fireman As Played By Bill Hardie
  • The Soldiers Joy
  • The Spey In Spate J.S. Skinner
  • The St. Kilda Wedding
  • The Stool Of Repentance Niel Gow
  • The Stuart's Rant
  • The Thorn Bush Jas. Fraser
  • The Triumph
  • The Trumpet Hornpipe
  • The Valley Of Silence J.S. Skinner
  • The Wag O' The Kilt Mckenzie Murdock
  • The Waverly Ball Joseph Lowe
  • The Weeping Birches Of Kilmorack J.S. Skinner
  • The White Cockade
  • The Wind That Shakes The Barley
  • Timour The Tartar Arr: J.M. Hunter
  • Torryburn Lasses
  • Tulchan Lodge J.S. Skinner
  • Tullochgorum
  • Well May My True Love Arrive
  • Whistle O'er The Lave O't
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