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Power Flatpicking Guitar
Power Flatpicking Guitar
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Manufacturer: Mel Bay Publications
SKU: 95108SET
Steve's solo guitar is recorded on both channels with no rhythm accompaniment. This book of basic technical studies presents only a few flatpicking repertoire pieces illustrating each concept and key. Features: Fisher's Hornpipe; Lonesome Road Blues; and The Bluegrass Boogie. Novice players will find the recording a great asset in learning this material. All studies and pieces are written in notation and tablature. Includes a 60-minute companion DVD.

  • The Key of G The Open G Major Scale Open G Pattern in the First and Second Position Second and Third Position G Major Scales G Pattern Tune in the Second and Third Position Seventh Position G Major Scale The Seventh Position G Pattern

  • The Key of C First Position C Major Scale #1 First Position C Major Scale #2 A Melodic Crosspicking Exercise for the Key of C in the First Position Fifth Position C Major Scale A Melodic Crosspicking Exercise for the Key of C at the Fifth Position The Seventh Position C Major Scale A Chromatic/Melodic Exercise for the Key of C at the Seventh Position

  • The Key of D The D Major Scale Picking in the Key of D-Second Position with Open Strings The D Major Scale in the Fourth Position Picking in the Key of D-Fourth and Fifth Position The D Major Scale-Ninth and Tenth Position Picking in the Key of D-Ninth and Tenth Position

  • The Key of A The A Major Scale-First and Second Position Jamming in the Key of A-First and Second Position The A Major Scale-Second Position Jamming in the Key of A-Second Position Using the Long A Form The A Major Scale-Fourth Position Jamming in the Key of A-Fourth and Fifth Position

  • The Key of E E Major Scale-First Position The E Blues Scale The Bluegrass Boogie-The Key of E in the First Position The E Major Scale-Fourth Position The Bluegrass Boogie-The Key of E-The Fourth Position E Major Scale-Sixth and Seventh Position The E Blues Scale-Seventh Position The Bluegrass Boogie-In the Key of E-Seventh Position

  • The Key of Bb Bb Major Scale-First Position Lonesome Road Blues-The Key of Bb-First Position Bb Major Scale-Third Position Lonesome road Blues-Key of Bb-Third Position Bb Major Scale-Sixth Position Lonesome Road Blues-Key of Bb-Sixth Position

  • The Key of F The F Major Scale-First Position Fisher's Hornpipe-First Position The F Major Scale-Fifth Position Fisher's Hornpipe-Fifth Position F Major Scale-Seventh and Eighth Position Fisher's Hornpipe-Seventh and Eighth Position

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