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Power Tools for Guitar
Power Tools for Guitar
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SKU: 96913BCD

Designed to give you an understanding of guitar fundamentals, this book will improve your finger strength, coordination, and independ- ence. Fretboard diagrams, standard notation, and tablature are used to assist in the visualization of harmonic patterns. The accompanying CD demonstrates the examples and will further enhance you ability to recognize specific types of scales, arpeggios, and intervals. Both authors have proven track records in academia and the school of hard rock. If it works for the lead guitarist in Queensryche, it can work for you!


How to use this book
Establishing a practice schedule
Notation legend
Note location guides
Warm-up exercises
What are scales?
The G major scale
The A niajor scale
Major scale melodic exercises
Extended major scale studies
Intervals of the major scale
Minor, diminished & augmented intervals
What are arpeggios?
Arpeggios of the G major scale
Arpeggios of the A major scale
How to build chords & arpeggios
The most commonly used open chords
Movable chord patterns
What are major pentatonic scales?
The G major pentatonic scale
The A major pentatonic scale
Major pentatonic melodic exercises
What are relative minor scales?
The E minor scale
The F-sharp minor scale
Minor scale melodic exercises
Extended minor scale studies
What are minor pentatonic scales?
The E minor pentatonic scale
The F-sharp minor pentatonic scale..
Minor pentatonic melodic exercises
Blank fingerboard grids


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