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Picking Up Speed
Picking Up Speed
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Manufacturer: Homespun Tapes
SKU: 641678

Every bluegrass flatpicker wants to play faster while maintaining good tone and timing. Steve Kaufman has powerful advice and well-thought out exercises to help get a player's right and left hand mechanics working correctly. Using well-known fiddle tunes as drills, Steve works on coordination and how to practice for best results. Also included are a cross-picked version of Wildwood Flower and show-stopping chord runs and picking combinations on the classic Little Rock Getaway. 70-MIN. VIDEO INCLUDES MUSIC + TAB LEVEL 3


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Teach Yourself Bluegrass Guitar
Teach Yourself Bluegrass Guitar
Written by a master player who shares his insights and personal playing advice with the student and offers hints for creating an authentic bluegrass sound, and the basics like backup, solos and right and left-hand techniques. B/w photos.
Product# OK64990
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First Lessons Flatpicking Guitar
First Lessons Flatpicking Guitar
This new book is perfect for beginners, players with a little experience and guitarists who want a good grounding in the flatpicking style. Using popular American fiddle tunes, Joe introduces the important basics of good flatpicking including pick direction, fingering, and hand position.
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You Can Teach Yourself Flatpicking Guitar
You Can Teach Yourself Flatpicking Guitar
Three-time national flatpicking champion Steve Kaufman teaches you the easy way to fret a note, how to read chord charts and play all the basic chords, basic bluegrass strumming patterns, bass runs and walks, hammer-ons and pull-offs, read tablature, picking lead, crosspicking, practice techniques, and more.
Product# 95190BCD
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