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Mastering Bluegrass Guitar
Mastering Bluegrass Guitar
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Manufacturer: Homespun Tapes
SKU: 641526
If you have always wanted to play the hot licks and impressive solos of the great bluegrass guitar players, then this exciting series of lessons is for you. Russ Barenberg gives flatpickers new challenges and classic tunes to play. Best of all, when it’s time to step up and play a solo in a jam session or performance situation, he gives you the tools you need get it right.

Russ reveals many of the secrets to his success as a top player. You'll develop solid skills as he leads you through Clarence White-inspired licks, Texas swing back-up progressions, bluegrass breakdowns and fiddle tunes. Before long, you'll be playing intricate solos, fills and licks that use cross-picking, “floating" licks, syncopation, quick position changes and other advanced guitar techniques. These tapes will move you into exciting new musical territory and are guaranteed to have you picking like you never dreamed you could!

Tunes: "Roll On Buddy," "New Camptown Races," "Beaumont Rag," "Wildwood Flower," "Columbus Stockade," "Willet’s Horn-pipe," "Timor The Tartar," "Morning Glory," "Nine Pound Hammer," "Pike Country," "Sandy Burn Reel," "Cedar Hill," "Over The Waterfall," "Pretty Polly," "Will You Miss Me," "Farewell Blues," "Orange Mountain Special," "Rocky Mountain Goat," "Billy in the Low Ground," "Bill Cheatham," "Barrel Of Fun," "Silver Bell" and "Shenandoah Valley Breakdown."

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Hot Licks For Bluegrass Guitar
Hot Licks For Bluegrass Guitar
Over 350 authentic bluegrass licks and how to apply them to create your own solos while expanding your knowledge of the fingerboard. Includes a demonstration soundsheet of the licks played by Orrin. 173 pages.
Product# OK64386
More info on Hot Licks For Bluegrass GuitarBuy Hot Licks For Bluegrass Guitar Now!List Price: US $24.99Our Price: US $22.99
The Flatpicker's Guide
The Flatpicker's Guide
Dan Crary is one of the top flatpickers in the United States. His book teaches how to play accompaniments, cross-pick, play lick strums, and lots more, and the examples in the book are explained on the accompanying CD by Crary himself. The CD also allows guitarists to play along with the songs in the book.
Product# 231
More info on The Flatpicker's GuideBuy The Flatpicker's Guide Now!List Price: US $19.95Our Price: US $18.95
Improvising Bluegrass Guitar Solos
Improvising Bluegrass Guitar Solos
Marty Stewart's lead guitarist 'Brad Davis' teaches Hot Licks Brad Davis teaches..... 28 Very Hot Licks that fit G, C, or D chords. Note: This is not an exact science, but it is a wonderfully helpful way to start jamming, improvising, & inventing your own solos.
Product# 6928
More info on Improvising Bluegrass Guitar SolosBuy Improvising Bluegrass Guitar Solos Now!List Price: US $16.95Our Price: US $15.95
Flatpicking Guitar Workout
Flatpicking Guitar Workout
A collection of reels written in the keys of C, Am, G, Em, D, A, E, F and Dm. Each reel is written in a different position. Thus, the guitarist learns to play great sounding flatipicking solos while learning keys and positions.
Product# 20331BCD
More info on Flatpicking Guitar WorkoutBuy Flatpicking Guitar Workout Now!List Price: US $14.95Our Price: US $13.95
Championship Flatpicking Guitar
Championship Flatpicking Guitar
The author, three-time national flatpicking guitar champion, has compiled this rousing collection of dazzling flatpicking guitar solos. A companion CD featuring Steve's rendition of each arrangement is included. The book is in notation and tablature. All the songs in the book are performed on the CD.
Product# 94533SET
More info on Championship Flatpicking GuitarBuy Championship Flatpicking Guitar Now!List Price: US $29.95Our Price: US $27.95
Designing Guitar Solos For Bluegrass Songs
Designing Guitar Solos For Bluegrass Songs
It shows you how to mold a simple Bluegrass melody into a fancy, tasteful, driving guitar solo, a solo that sounds like the true melody of the song while being hot at the same time. Chris Jones analyzes & teaches 10 songs on these 2 one-hour CDs.
Product# 6897
More info on Designing Guitar Solos For Bluegrass SongsBuy Designing Guitar Solos For Bluegrass Songs Now!List Price: US $29.95Our Price: US $27.95
Tony Rice Teaches Bluegrass Guitar
Tony Rice Teaches Bluegrass Guitar
Tony Rice is known world-wide for his spectacular technique, brilliant improvisation and powerful soloing. In this lesson, he passes on to you the style he has developed. In careful detail, Tony analyzes licks, runs, solos and rhythm parts to bluegrass songs. and fiddle tunes that will challenge and delight all flatpickers.
Product# 695045
More info on Tony Rice Teaches Bluegrass GuitarBuy Tony Rice Teaches Bluegrass Guitar Now!List Price: US $19.95Our Price: US $18.95
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