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Folk & Country Waltzes For Mandolin
Folk & Country Waltzes For Mandolin
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Manufacturer: ADG Productions
There are 50 well known waltzes fully notated in the book and played on the CD with a full backing band. These pieces are all easy to learn. If you do not read music well (or at all) you can pick up the melody from the CD. The book can be used to build a repertoire of waltz music. At live engagements, especially weddings, the audience will always ask for a few waltzes. The material in this book covers a wide range of tempos and styles, not just slow waltzes. The melodies of these pieces are easily recognizable although you may not remember the name of a specific tune. Many of the tunes are very well known such as: Daisy, Home On The Range, Anniversary Waltz, After The Ball, Ash Grove, Greensleeves, Laredo, Scarborough Fair, Star Of The County Down, The Black Velvet Band, The Greenwood Tree, Southwind, The Four Marys, Barbara Allen, Flowers Of The Thorn, Beautiful Brown Eyes, Give Me Your Hand and many more.
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A Mandolin Player's Guide to Jamming
A Mandolin Player's Guide to Jamming
Joining a jam session can be intimidating. Presented here is everything a beginning or intermediate mandolin player needs to know to participate in a jam session. There are sections that describe how jam sessions work, and jam session etiquette. The book also describes the typical chords and keys for jamming, and describes right hand usage
Product# 20818BCD
More info on A Mandolin Player's Guide to JammingBuy A Mandolin Player's Guide to Jamming Now!List Price: US $14.95Our Price: US $13.95
Designing Mandolin Solos
Designing Mandolin Solos
Don't under-estimate this course! It is far & above the most powerful, exciting & valuable instruction ever made for Mandolin! This course is much more than just learning licks that fit a chord progression. It's how to change a simple bluegrass melody into a fancy, tasteful, driving solo. Book & 2 CD's.
Product# 6964
More info on Designing Mandolin SolosBuy Designing Mandolin Solos Now!List Price: US $29.95Our Price: US $27.95
101 Red Hot Bluegrass Mandolin Licks and Solos.
101 Red Hot Bluegrass Mandolin Licks and Solos.
In music, the term "bluegrass" describes the hot string-band style pioneered by Kentuckian Bill Monroe, which blends old-time country music with blues rhythms and jazz-influenced improvisation. This book contains 101 authentic bluegrass mandolin licks in the favorite bluegrass keys of C, G, D, and A minor written in notation and tablature. The licks are broken down into phrases of two, four, and eight bars. In addition, several endings and crosspicking licks are included. Each lick is played to a chord progression that is standard in bluegrass, country, and folk music. Comes with access to online audio containing All 101 examples with guitar accompaniment at a moderate tempo. Whether you are a fan of old-time country music, traditional bluegrass, or newgrass, you are sure to find lots of great ideas in this new collection of bluegrass licks. So, grab your instrument, put on the audio, pull up a chair, and let's start pickin'. Includes access to online audio.

For E-Book + Online Audio $14.99 Click Buy 101 Red Hot Bluegrass Mandolin Licks and Solos Now

Product# 99446M
More info on 101 Red Hot Bluegrass Mandolin Licks and Solos.Buy 101 Red Hot Bluegrass Mandolin Licks and Solos. Now!List Price: US $18.99Our Price: US $16.99
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