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Learning the Classic Guitar Part 1
Learning the Classic Guitar Part 1
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Learning the Classic Guitar is a new direction in guitar instruction. Many ideas in these books break new ground. In developing this innovative method, Mr. Shearer adhered to the following concepts: 1) How and what students practice is as important as how much they practice. 2) Give information only when it is immediately useful. 3) Start with the easiest skills. 4) Approach challenging skills gradually. Part one focuses on technical development and explains the most efficient approach to study and practice. Part two should go along with part one and it presents the elements of music and procedures for developing ability to sight-read and memorize. It also introduces the visualization concept. Part three teaches the student to form clear and accurate concepts of music expression. It also teaches the guitarist how to perform in public with accuracy and confidence.


Part 1 Chapters Include Detailed Instruction On:
Tuning, Approaching Guitar Study, Four Principles of Efficient Muscle Function, Positioning the Guitar, Tone Production, Beginning Right Hand Training, Beginning Left Hand Training, Training the Right Hand Fingers, Beginning Free Stroke with Your Fingers, Sympathetic Movement, Alternation, Principles of String Crossing, Developing Right Hand Speed, Comparing Rest Stroke and Free Stroke.

Part 2 Chapters Include Numerous Musical Compositions and Studies On:
Learning to Read Music, Beginning to Read and Play Music, Solo Playing of Music in Two Parts, Beginning Free Stroke/Sounding Two Notes Simultaneously, Beginning Arpeggios/ Sympathetic Movement, Playing Scales, Further Development of Chords and Arpeggios, String Damping, Solfege, Memorizing Music.

Part 3 Concentrates on Interpretation and Performance Development. Chapters Include:


Approaching Expressive Interpretation, The Basis of Expressive Playing/Enhancing and Creating Musical Contrast, The Moving and Shaping Forces of Music, Organizing Rhythmic Contrasts/ Note Grouping and Phrasing, Applying Note Grouping and Phrasing, Pieces for Study.
Performance Development
Introduction (The Cause of Performance Anxiety, Evaluating Your Situation, Regarding Technique and Memorization)
Approaching Performance Development (Performance Anxiety and Negative Concerns, Dealing With Errors During Performance, Replacing Negative Concerns with Positive Concerns, Summary)

Beginning Performance Development (Before You Begin, The Practice Performance, Establishing Your Concentration, Two Kinds of Performances, Developmental Performance Procedure, Approaching the Formal DP, Learning Effective Stage Conduct, Carrying the Guitar, Guidelines for Walking to the Chair, Guidelines for Bowing, Practicing a Formal DP, The Expressive Performance, Summary).


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