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Jazz Guitar Method
Jazz Guitar Method
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One of the easiest and most practical approaches to jazz guitar on the market today, this method thoroughly covers the basics for jazz guitar solo performance, including: theory, scales, chords, phrasing, passing tones, and much more. This highly acclaimed study of jazz rhythm chords and their application contains extensive instruction on jazz chord accompaniment and chord substitution. The "user-friendly" text utilizes a "lesson style format" which makes it perfect for both individual study and as a classroom text. Penned by professional jazz guitarist Ronny Lee, this text is highly recommended to anyone who desires a thorough, well-graded course of study for jazz guitar. Written in standard notation with chord symbols and diagrams.

CONTENTS Part One: Solo & Melody Playing/Improvisation
Stepping Stone #1: Music Theory
Stepping Stone #2: Chords
Stepping Stone #3: Scales
Stepping Stone #4: Keys
Stepping Stone #5: Chords from Scales
Stepping Stone #6: Chord Inversions
Stepping Stone #7: Scale Degree Functions
Stepping Stone #8: Intervals
Stepping Stone #9: Seventh Chords
Stepping Stone #10: Improvising

Jazz Solo Course
Lesson 1: Jazz is a Musical Line...
Lesson 2: A Jazz Chorus
Lesson 3: Runs and Riffs
Lesson 4

Part Two: Chord Rhythm Playing & Substitutions
Lessons 1 & 2: The Major Chord with the Root in the Bass
Lessons 3 & 4: The Major Chord with the Third in the Bass
Lessons 5, 6 & 7: The Major Chord with the Fifth in the Bass
Lesson 8: Root, 3rd, and 5th in the Bass Chords
Lessons 9-11: Chord Substitution
Lesson 12: The Dominant 7th Suspended
Lesson 13: Substitution Chords Derived from the Dominant 7th Chords with the Fifth in the Bass
Lesson 14: The Suspended Chords Derived from the Dominant 7th with the Fifth in the Bass
Lesson 15: The Dominant 7 Flat 5 Chord
Lessons 16-17: Dominant 7th Substitution
Lesson 18: Applying Substitutions to the I-VI-II-V Progressions in Various Keys
Lesson 19: Another Major Form and Derivations, with the Root in the Bass
Lesson 20: The Augmented Chord
Lesson 21: Minor Progressions, Root in the Bass
Lesson 22: Minor Progressions, Third in the Bass
Lesson 23: Exercise on the Minor 7 and Minor 6 chords
Lesson 24: Minor Progressions, Fifth in the Bass
Lesson 25: Exercise on Minor 6 Chords with the Minor Third and Fifth in the Bass
Lesson 26: Substitutions
Lesson 27: Substitutions Review
Lesson 28: Minor Form with the Root, Major 7, Minor 7, and Major 6 in the Bass
Lesson 29: The Diminished Chord
Lesson 30: Voicing Suggestion
Lesson 31: Dominant 13 Chord and Augmented 9 Chord
Lesson 32: The Major 9 Chord
Lesson 33: Major 9 Substitutions
Lesson 34: The Minor 7 Flat 5 Chord derived from the Minor 7 chord
Lesson 35: Exercise on the 13 Flat 9 Chord
Lesson 36: The 13 Flat 9 Chord and the Augmented 7 Flat 9 Chord
Lesson 37: Substitutions
Lesson 38: Common Tones
Lessons 39-40: Applying Common Tones to Song Endings
Lesson 41: Playing Chord Accompaniments by Ear
Lessons 42-43: Comping


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