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Introduction to Upright Bass
Introduction to Upright Bass
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Manufacturer: Watch and Learn
Intro to Upright Bass DVD by Andy Howald is a 70 minute video lesson that covers the material in the Upright Bass Primer Book. It focuses on the beginning player and emphasizes proper technique. The video will discuss parts of the bass, proper playing position, tuning the bass, right and left hand technique, marking the positions, how to read tablature, playing notes, how to play with other instruments, and the lesson will also teach several songs. We'll focus on playing in a folk or bluegrass style and learn how to play several bluegrass standards. The video features split screens that allow for close up views of the left and right hand as well as the tablature to be on screen at the same time.

  • Parts of the Bass
  • Playing Condition
  • Holding the Bass
  • Right Hand Position
  • Tuning
  • Left Hand Technique
  • Marking Positions
  • Tablature
  • Playing Notes
  • Chords
  • Muting
  • Playing Songs
  • Tom Dooley
  • 3 Chord Song
  • Going Down That Road
  • Soldier's Joy
  • Nine Pound Hammer
  • Sitting On Top of the World
  • He's Got the Whole World
  • Dark Hollow
  • Going Down that Road Version 2
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    Bluegrass Bass Favorites
    This timeless book presents suggested bass lines for dozens of bluegrass favorites, offering the root and the fifth for each chord in the progression in guitar-friendly keys. No music, tab, or lyrics are included in this book, just the song titles and the author's suggestion of a fundamental bass line in his own brand of shorthand. Perfect for the doghouse bassist wannabe!
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    A collection of 47 easy-to-play, big-note, level-one solos on folk favorites for young students of the upright bass. Designed to build technique, range, and endurance while maintaining student interest. Fun to play and serves ideally as a supplement to any method.
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    Learn to Play Bluegrass Bass
    A method book for the upright string bass . Although bluegrass bass has a style of its own, the knowledge gained through this method is applicable to virtually any musical genre. This book addresses the elements of tuning, hand positions, essential chord theory, slap bass technique, and playing in positions 1-10.

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    This book presents everything a beginning or intermediate bass player needs to know to participate in a jam session. There are sections that describe the anatomy of a jam session, jam session etiquette and chords and keys for jamming. A play-along CD is included with 9 typical bluegrass jam tunes. The tunes are played twice: once with the tune played on the left channel and a verbal description on the right channel and once in stereo. Joining a jam session can be intimidating.
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    50 Tunes For Bass
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    50 Tunes Volume 1 for Bass is one book in a 5-book series. The 50 Tunes series is a collection of Bluegrass, Old Time and Celtic tunes for ensembles, families and individuals. This book contains the same 50 tunes as those found in the other 4 books of the series, but carefully designed for the bass.
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