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Intro To The Mandola
Intro To The Mandola
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Manufacturer: Wisdom Of The Wood
A complete overview of the mandola, offering set-up instructions and proper positioning for both hands. You'll learn all of the basic chord positions, covering most major keys, and all of the basic scale patterns within these keys. All basic chord positions within the most common keys of C, G, D & A are visually presented. Since the mandola is tuned one fifth lower than mandolin, those who play mandolin can easily adapt to the new inversions by learning to transpose chords. All of the major chord positions, laid out for ease of play on the mandola, only in a different key, help to eliminate the frustration of the transition. Lots of exercises, basic & advanced melodies, and a section on "new dimensions" which illuminates how to move beyond simple flatpicking. Can also be used for tenor banjo. 1 hour & 45 min. New lower price!
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