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A Fiddler's Guide to Waltzes, Airs & Haunting Melodies
A Fiddler's Guide to Waltzes, Airs & Haunting Melodies
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Manufacturer: Homespun Tapes
SKU: 641729
Learn to play lovely, heart-rending pieces and benefit from Jay Ungar's years of experience as a top fiddler. He shows the inventive use of slides, grace notes, rolls, smears, vibrato and special bowing techniques that turn ordinary tunes into distinctive compositions. Jay teaches "Tombigbee Waltz," "Tennessee Waltz," "South Wind," "Shebeg Shemor," "Give Me Your Hand" and his Grammy-winning tune from Ken Burns' PBS Civil War series, "Ashokan Farewell."


"Jay Ungar, Grammy-winning composer for PBS' The Civil War, untangles the fingering patterns of classics like "The Tennessee Waltz" and "Give Me Your Hand" so that even the most unfit of fiddlers can play along." --Entertainment Weekly >P> "A wonderful instructional video. All levels of fiddlers will benefit from this video. This is like getting several private lessons in the comfort of your home. Guitarists will also benefit from watching Molly Mason's skillful and attentive accompaniment. Highly recommended." -- Fiddler Magazine

"Jay Ungar brings a friendly practical approach to the tasks of putting tone, variety and lift into waltzes and airs. Able to play effectively at the slowest speeds, he demonstrates tunes, takes them apart and presents specific practice techniques that work. Want to learn to play waltzes and airs? This is the tape. Want to seriousl;y improve your fiddle playing in general? This is the tape. Whatever your level you'll benefit from 'A Fiddler's Guide.' I can't recommend it highly enough." -- Paul Brown, Old-Time Herald Download now from!

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Beginning Old Time Fiddle
Beginning Old Time Fiddle
More than 40 tunes for the absolute beginner and detailed sections on how to hold the bow, bow movement, positions. Includes tunes in the styles of J.P. Fraley, Gaither Carlton, and Kenny Hall for the intermediate and advanced player.
Product# OK63503
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The Kilted Fiddler
The Kilted Fiddler
A collection of 167 Scottish fiddle tunes compiled and arranged by Alan Lerwick, including: Reels and Scotch Measures, Strathspeys, Jigs, Hornpipes, Waltzes, Descriptive Tunes, Marches, Slow Airs and Laments, and more. Includes historical notes, playing tips, and photos.
Product# 194
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Twenty Irish Fiddle Tunes
Twenty Irish Fiddle Tunes
Kevin Burke, one of the true masters of the Irish fiddle, teaches these 20 tunes taken from his vast repertoire of Irish traditional music. He plays each one slowly for novice players, then up to tempo with all the ornaments to give the learning instrumentalist the true feel of the tune.
Product# 641476
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Deluxe Album Of Fiddle Waltzes & Slow Aires
Deluxe Album Of Fiddle Waltzes & Slow Aires
Canadian fiddler Bill Guest has collected and arranged 58 great fiddle waltzes written by a superb collection of contemporary fiddlers. The tunes are scored for violin solo, duet, or trio. This book comes with a stereo listening CD which demonstrates 30 songs from the book.
Product# 94092BCD
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Fiddling Around the World
Fiddling Around the World
Play along with a lively Irish session, a spirited Ukrainian hopak, a tantalizing Arabic belly dance, a famous Italian tarantella, a Klezmer hora, and over 50 other international favorites! This book/CD features vibrant folk music from North America, the British Isles, Western and Eastern Europe, and the Middle East.
Product# 95536BCD
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English, Welsh, Scottish, Irish Fiddle T
English, Welsh, Scottish, Irish Fiddle T
Over 100 tunes, this is an outstanding collection of the traditional music of Britain, graded from easy to advanced.
Product# OK63164
More info on English, Welsh, Scottish, Irish Fiddle TBuy English, Welsh, Scottish, Irish Fiddle T Now!List Price: US $24.95Our Price: US $22.95
Irish Fiddle Playing - Guide for Serious Players
Irish Fiddle Playing - Guide for Serious Players
The book is designed to make the personal aspects of traditional Irish fiddle playing, improvisation and interpretation, accessible to novice players. The aim of the book is to allow the player to look more closely at their technique while also improving accuracy and speed.
Product# 99402BCD
More info on Irish Fiddle Playing - Guide for Serious PlayersBuy Irish Fiddle Playing - Guide for Serious Players Now!List Price: US $19.95Our Price: US $18.95
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