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Guitar Arpeggio Encyclopedia
Guitar Arpeggio Encyclopedia
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SKU: 99788

Throughout this book you will be exposed to many different types of arpeggios, their families, a horde of fingerings, how to use them and much more. With practice and patience you will be able to have total control on the fingerboard and you will be able to execute arpeggios with fire and finesse like the best players do. By understanding arpeggios it will immensely improve your improvising for song writing and soloing as well as creating majestic melodies and hooks. All of the material is presented in notation and tablature.


1) Acknowledgements
2) Introduction
3) How to Approach This Book
4) Arpeggios Fingerings
5) Arpeggios Families & Interval Formulas
Major Arpeggios
Minor Arpeggios
Major 7th
Dominant 7th
Minor 7th
Minor 7th 5
Diminished 7th
Major add 9
Minor add 9
Major 6th
Minor 6th
Major sus 4
Minor sus 4
Major 9th
Dominant 9th
Minor 9th
Dominant #9th
Major 7th add #11
Dominant 11th
Minor 11th
Major 13th
Dominant 13th
Minor 13th
Minor/Major 7th
Minor/Major 9th

6) Picking Techniques
7) Superimposing Arpeggios
8) Harmonizing Arpeggios
9) Parallel Harmonies
10) Modal/Diatonic Harmonies
11) Very Violent Riffs and Licks!


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