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Guide to Capo, Transposing, & the Nashville Number
Guide to Capo, Transposing, & the Nashville Number
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This Mel Bay QWIKGUIDE begins with basic music theory about scales and keys and teaches how to transpose several songs with and without the capo. Then we look at chords in keys and explore some typical chord progressions by swapping numbers ("one, four, five") for the chord names ("D, G, A"). Finally we study the "Nashville Numbering System" in depth by examining different notation styles and converting several well-known songs to number charts. The more advanced number charts show detailed arrangements with modulations, intros, extros, a variety of chords, repeats, fermatas, strum patterns, beat accents, and much more. If you're interested in why the capo works as it does; if you're a songwriter or gigging musician who needs to know how to read, write, and understand "Nashville Number charts," this book is for you! Also available in Japanese from ATN, Inc.


The Chromatic Scale
Keyboard Charts #1
Fingerboard Chart #1
Fingerboard Chart #2
Chromatic Scale / A Chromatic Scale
The Major Scale
Piano Keyboard / C Major Scale
G Major Scale / C Major Scale
Piano Keyboard / G Major Scale
Major Scale Chart
Key Signatures
The Capo
Capo Chart
Will the Circle Be Unbroken
Quiz so Far
More Transposing
All About Keys
More About Key Signatures
Don't Let Your Deal Go Down
Scale and Chord Chart
Fair and Tender Ladies
Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho
The Nashville Numbering System
Number Chart #1: La Bamba
Number Box Chart #2: Fair & Tender Ladies
Number Charts #3: 50s Rock and #4: Amazing Grace
Number Chart #5: Amazing Grace
Number Chart #6: House of the Rising Sun and #7
Number Chart #8
Number Charts #9 and #10
Number Chart #11
Number Chart #12


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