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Getting Into Jazz Fusion Guitar
Getting Into Jazz Fusion Guitar
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SKU: 99925BCD

In Getting Into Fusion Jazz Guitar, author Scott Miller presents the most common scales and modes used in fusion and other contemporary music styles. Each of the modes of the Major, Melodic Minor, Harmonic Minor, Diminished, and Whole-Tone scales is explored in depth, presented in conventional as well as three-note-per-string scale patterns. Correct modal chord voicings for each mode are provided in standard notation as well as tablature. Also included is a play-along CD containing one or two chord vamps for each mode, to aid the student in capturing the essence of these exotic sounds used in contemporary music. Although Getting Into Fusion Jazz Guitar is geared for intermediate or advanced students, the material is presented in a logical, easy to understand fashion, allowing all guitarists to benefit from the information presented.


Chapter 1: Music Theory Fundamentals
Major Scale Construction
Major Scales
Interval Classification
Interval Quality
Perfect Intervals
Major Intervals
Augmented Intervals
Minor Intervals
Diminished Intervals
Enharmonic Intervals
Simple and Compound Intervals
Interval Inversion
Triadic Inversion
Harmonized Scales
Minor Keys
Seventh Chords
Chord Function

Chapter 2: Scales and Modes
Major Harmony
Modes of the Major Scale
Melodic Minor Harmony
Modes of the Melodic Minor Scale
Harmonic Minor Harmony
Modes of the Harmonic Minor Scale
Diminished Scale Harmony
Whole-Half Diminished Scale
Half-Whole Diminished Scale
Whole-Tone Scale Harmony
The Whole-Tone Scale

Chapter 3: Progressions for Practice



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