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Getting Into Blues Guitar
Getting Into Blues Guitar
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SKU: 99658BCD

Intended for beginning to intermediate level players, this blues guitar tutorial offers progressive lessons addressing chords, comping, scales, phrasing, and solo improvising. The book's numerous musical examples and tunes are written in both standard notation and guitar tablature as well as in chord grids when justified. All examples appear on the book's companion CD, recorded on electric guitar only. Helpful practice tips and suggestions for further reading and listening are provided.

The author methodically introduces the student to authentic blues styles and techniques, referring to specific artists, recordings and periods in the development and evolution of modern blues guitar playing. The relationship between chords and soloing is examined, as is the role of the guitar in blues ensembles and recordings. Equal emphasis is placed on chord comping, improvising and related theory. Upon completion of the book the student should be competent in performing a wide range of blues forms and idioms, comping and improvising with authority, and playing the blues in a band or larger ensemble.


Why the Book?
Are You Ready for this Book?
How to Use the Book
Chapter 1 - Blues Basics
How to Get the Most from this Book; Getting Organized for Practice
Lesson 1: Notation, Tablature, Chord Grids and Diagrams
Reading vs. Tab; Chord Grids
Fretboard Diagrams; Notes on the Fretboard; Notes and Rests
Chord Charts and Rhythm Slashes
Lesson 2: The Right and Left Hands
The Right Hand; Holding the Pick; Pick Angle and Size; Alternate Picking
The Left Hand
Lesson 3: Intervals, Major Scale Harmony and Chords
Intervals and the Major Scale
Major Scale Harmony and Chords
Chapter 1 Revision*

Chapter 2 - Playing the Blues
Blues Listening
Practice, Time, and Staying Motivated
Lesson 4: The 12 Bar Blues
Playing the 12 Bar Blues
Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3
Exercise 4
Lesson 5: Comping and the 12 Bar Blues
Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3
Exercise 4
Lesson 6: The Turnaround
Turnaround Licks
Chapter 2 Revision

Chapter 3 - Improvising and the Blues
Chords and Comping; Improvising and Ear Training
Lesson 7: The Minor Pentatonic and Blues Scales
The Minor Pentatonic Scale
The Blues Scale
Scale Practice
Minor Pentatonic and Blues Scale Phrases
Lesson 8: Applying the Scales
Slides and Microtones; Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs Vibrato; String Bending
More Blues Licks and Phrases
Lesson 9: 12/8 and Slow Blues
Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3; Exercise 4
Chapter 3 Revision

Much More!
* The author of this book is from Australia, where the term "revision" is used to refer to a review or going over again of material.


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