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First Lessons Rock Guitar
First Lessons Rock Guitar
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Finally a method that gets students started on the essentials of guitar while focusing on the material every rock guitarist should know. Subjects include power chords, rock scales, rock soloing, reading tab and standard notation, open chords, accompaniment strum patterns, and rock licks. Designed to educate students about guitar essentials, this lesson makes the learning fun. Chord progressions and melodies similar to rock classics make this text a must for aspiring rock guitarists. The accompanying CD gives students the opportunity and hear and play along with the pros.


Parts of the Guitar
Care of the Guitar
Holding Position
Reading the Music Diagrams
Music Fundamentals
Strum Bars
Open Chords
Chord Exercises 1-7
Strum Patterns
How to Read Standard Notation
Standard Notation in First Position
Any Time (Notes on the First String)
Choices (Notes on the Second String)
Think It Over (Notes on the Third String)
Under the Arch
Eighth Notes
So Smooth
Sharps, Flats, Naturals
Waiting for You
Loss for Words
Freezing Point
Send Help
Fourth Gear (Notes on the Fourth Sstring)
Fifth Gear (Notes on the Fifth String)
Overdrive (Notes on the Sixth String)
E Shuffle
Power Chords
Power Chord Variation
Minor Pentatonic and Blues Scales
The Watchtower
Flying High
Moveable Minor Pentatonic Scale
Summer Blues, Summer Not
Licks (#1-#5)
You Know What I Mean
Moveable Power Chords
Fifth String Roots


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