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Dulcimer a La Mode
Dulcimer a La Mode
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Manufacturer: Mel Bay Publications
SKU: 20105BCD
Dulcimer a La Mode takes the mystery of out modal tuning and playing for the mountain dulcimer player by presenting four common tunings (DAA, DAG, DAD, and DAC) with instructions for tuning, finding the scales and chords, and learning traditional tunes in each of the four modes. This book will encourage players to retune their instrument and learn more of its versatility. Each tune is presented as a melody with a drone in the mode indicated with strumming and rhythm guides. For most tunes, an optional arrangement or accompaniment is also provided using more complex chords and reflecting more traditional Western harmony. As a further learning tool, the accompanying CD allows the listener to play along with the song as presented in the book.
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Cripple Creek Dulcimer
Cripple Creek Dulcimer
This instruction manual and song collection is a well-crafted book of basic dulcimer technique and traditional songs that might have been popular in Cripple Creek, Colorado in the 19th Century.The basics of playing the dulcimer, including instructions on strumming, tunings, and picking are explained.
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Complete Dulcimer Handbook
Complete Dulcimer Handbook
This book was written as a basic guide and source book for all dulcimer players, from novice to advanced picker. With its 53 songs in various modes and tunings, The Complete Dulcimer Handbook is a songbook, a lesson plan book, and a step-by-step guide from beginner to intermediate or advanced level.
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Dulcimer Chord Encyclopedia
Dulcimer Chord Encyclopedia
A comprehensive chord encyclopedia for the mountain dulcimer in the common Mixolydian, Ionian, Dorian, Lydian, and Phrygian modal tunings. Three different tunings are presented for each mode!
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