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Dobro: A Guide to Repertoire and Technique - DVD 1
Dobro: A Guide to Repertoire and Technique - DVD 1
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Manufacturer: Homespun Tapes
SKU: 641970
Learn to play a variety of fabulous tunes as you master essential playing techniques! Stacy Phillips provides detailed instruction on the use of picks, the bar, hammer-ons, pull-offs, right-hand rolls and a variety of chord positions. His in-depth examination of major scale patterns, applicable to almost any song, allows you to create your own melodies, licks, improvisations and solos. Stacy shows you how, starting with the old-time classic Little Rosewood Casket.

The traditional blues Trouble in Mind gets you into blues notes, licks and scales. Stacy shows you how these blues techniques apply to many bluegrass tunes, including Buck Graves' Foggy Mountain Rock.

Nine Pound Hammer, taught in G, A and Bb, illustrates how various keys inspire different licks. Here Stacy features a series of dynamic solos, complete with a multitude of playing ideas. Dixie Hoedown, a real showpiece, integrates all you've learned so far with contemporary break-down style licks.

This intermediate-level lesson in resonator guitar will have you picking better than you ever dreamed you could! Download now from!

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Josh Graves Set
Josh Graves Set
Complete 3 course set! All of Josh Graves classic solos played exactly as Josh recorded them originally. Played fast and then slowed down on the CD.
Product# 7001
More info on Josh Graves SetBuy Josh Graves Set Now!List Price: US $44.95Our Price: US $42.95
The Great Dobro Sessions
The Great Dobro Sessions
Includes every note of every solo by the nine top resonator guitarists who contributed to the Grammy Award-winning album of the same title. All 20 tunes (including the 11 solos on Fireball Mail) appear in tablature with commentary and chordal accompaniment.
Product# 95771
More info on The Great Dobro SessionsBuy The Great Dobro Sessions Now!List Price: US $17.95Our Price: US $16.95
Dobro Techniques For Bg And Country Music
Dobro Techniques For Bg And Country Music
This is the ultimate resource guide for any Dobro owner, collector or fan. It begins with the history of this unique guitar and then moves into teaching the techniques used in playing it. The entire book is illustrated with photos of popular players.
Product# 260
More info on Dobro Techniques For Bg And Country MusicBuy Dobro Techniques For Bg And Country Music Now!List Price: US $19.95Our Price: US $18.95
Learning Bluegrass Dobro
Learning Bluegrass Dobro
This hands-on 'Dobro' course will have even a complete beginner playing bluegrass and country tunes in no time. Cindy covers essential right-hand techniques such as rolls, rhythm playing, crosspicking, tone control and damping, as well as bar technique, chord building, hammer-ons and pull-offs, minor keys and more. Download now from!
Product# 641663
More info on Learning Bluegrass DobroBuy Learning Bluegrass Dobro Now!List Price: US $29.95Our Price: US $27.95
Essential Techniques for Dobro  - 2 DVD's
Essential Techniques for Dobro - 2 DVD's
These two lessons will give learning players all the tools they'll need to master the resonator guitar. Rob Ickes covers everything from fine-tuning the strings to picking style, bar position, bluegrass back-up technique, and how to achieve good tone, timing and volume control. 2-DVD SET � INCLUDES TAB � LEVEL 2/3 Download now from!
Product# 641578
More info on Essential Techniques for Dobro  - 2 DVD'sBuy Essential Techniques for Dobro  - 2 DVD's Now!List Price: US $49.95Our Price: US $46.95
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