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Bluegrass Guitar - Building Powerful Solos
Bluegrass Guitar - Building Powerful Solos
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Manufacturer: Homespun Tapes
SKU: 641903
Here is an award-winning guitarist's blueprint for taking a successful bluegrass solo. On this excellent lesson, David Grier outlines the wide variety of techniques necessary to establish solid flatpicking style and play hot bluegrass guitar. He takes all the elements of his dazzling style - slides, hammers, pulls, crosspicking, pick-and-fingers technique, bends, double-stops, raking and other devices - and pulls them together into outstanding solo pieces.

Before long, you'll be digging into arrangements of well-known bluegrass tunes such as Liberty, Bill Cheatham, and a spectacular version of Nine Pound Hammer, incorporating all the elements in David's arsenal of licks to create your own instrumental breaks. Learning to play Grier originals, such as the haunting Engagement Waltz and The Meeting, will give you additional insights and direct you toward reaching your guitar playing potential.

David Grier has won accolades for the sheer originality of his style and technical virtuosity. Working with his personal method will provide hours of enjoyment as you add interest and power to your guitar sound.

Review: "Bluegrass Guitar - Building Powerful Solos" exactly lives up to its title. Grier is focused here on presenting highly useful, accurate examples of many of the types of runs, licks and techniques he uses to create his distinctive sound. Watching this video won't let you match David Grier's instinctive ability to break boundaries and reinvent old approaches to flatpicking guitar, but it certainly will give any guitarist who appreciates his style an enormous amount of useful material to study and use in their own playing. Highly recommended." - David McCarty, Flatpicking Magazine

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