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Creating Guitar Solos for Bluegrass Songs
Creating Guitar Solos for Bluegrass Songs
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Manufacturer: Musicians Workshop
SKU: 7044

What do you do when they say: 'TAKE IT DOC,' but you don't know a break to the song? You say, 'NO THANKS, I'LL PASS'. Pretty embarrassing & not much fun. You've seen guitar players who are so good that they can just 'FAKE IT.' In other words: they can make up a solo on the spot even if they've never heard the song before. Did you know there are two ways to approach this problem? The first is the approach of stringing together a bunch of licks that fit the chords. That's kind of a beginner approach to playing a solo. The advanced approach is to not only play really hot licks, but for the melody of the song to also be identifiable. Let Chris Jones take you beyond 'lick soloing' to advanced melody soloing... Chris takes you beyond 'lick-oriented soloing by showing you how to mold a simple Bluegrass melody into a fancy, tasteful, driving guitar solo, a solo that is faithful to the true melody, while being 'hot' at the same time. Watch Chris as he analyzes and teaches 5 example songs, breaking each down into its component parts, explaining why he chose what he played every step of the way. By learning this approach you will be able to invent your own intelligent, melodic solo for each song you encounter! Songs taught & analyzed include: Shady Grove, Pig in a Pen, In the Pines, Bury Me Beneath the Willow, Bridge to Portsmouth How do you make up good solos??? In the early 1980's Chris Jones and Dan Huckabee collaborated on an historic project. They conceived, developed, and refined the 'formula for how to make up your own solos for bluegrass songs'. The concept proved a raging success with their private students, who found themselves equipped with a powerful and exciting new skill! The enthusiastic response led to a book/audio combination entitled: 'Designing Guitar Solos for Bluegrass Songs.' Now 15 years later we proudly present this concept in video, with all new songs, plus the magic of video animation to make it even easier to understand! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About Chris Jones Chris Jones leads his own band, Chris Jones & The Night Drivers, tours world-wide with his band, & has released 4 CDs. His latest release 'Just A Drifter' features Tom T. Hall singing a duet with Chris on 'The Man on the Side of the Road' & its moving into the top 10 in the Bluegrass charts. In addition to his soulful lead singing & songwriting, Chris's guitar work has led to a number of positions as a sideman in both bluegrass & country music, including stints with Vassar Clements, The McCarters, The Lynn Morris Band, Weary Hearts, & Special Consensus, among others. As a teacher, Chris has been chosen as an instructor by most of the major workshops & bluegrass camps in the U.S. & Canada, including the 'Augusta Heritage Center' & 'Nashcamp.' He is also a featured columnist for 'Flatpicking Guitar Magazine,' & has released 3 audio courses: 'The Bluegrass Wordbook,' 'The Bluegrass Songbook', & 'Designing Guitar Solos For Bluegrass Songs' as well as 4 video guitar lessons listed in this catalog.


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