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Classic Guitar Method Volume 1
Classic Guitar Method Volume 1
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SKU: 93207BCD

Complete in three volumes, this widely used text presents classical guitar instruction in a logical and clear manner. The student is thoroughly grounded in left and right hand technical studies and is acquainted with the works of the masters. In notation only.


Tuning the Guitar
Another Method of Tuning
The Rudiments of Music

The Staff
The Clef
Types of Notes
The Time Signature
Ledger Lines
The Fingerboard

The Correct Way to Hold the Guitar
Plucking the Strings
Notes on the First String
Notes on the Second String
Notes on the Third String
Sparkling Stella
Right Hand Study
Introducing the Right Hand Third Finger (a)
Three-Four Time and Dotted Half Notes
The Merry Men
Notes on the Fourth String
Notes on the Fifth String
Notes on the Sixth String
How Can I Leave Thee
Introducing the A Note
The First String Waltz
The Notes on the Guitar in the First Position
Six Pence
Pick-Up Notes
A Study Introducing the Pick-up Note
A Study by Aguado
Follow the Leader (Mel Bay)
Alpine Echoes (Mel Bay)
Waltz (Mel Bay)
A Study
The Tie
The Tie Waltz
The Chord Waltz (Mel Bay)
The Builder (Mel Bay)
Small Chord Etude (Mel Bay)
Bass Solo with Chord Accompaniment
Little Minuet (Carcassi)
Chords in the Key of C Major
The Key of C and the C Scale
Steps and Chromatics
Minuetto (Gebaur, Op. 10)
Dawn (Mazas, arr. by Mel Bay)
The Eighth Note
A Daily Scale Study
A Study in Eights
The Key of A Minor
A Visit to the Relatives
The Chords in the Key of A Minor
Accompaniment Styles in A Minor
Waltz (Carulli)
Playtime (Pleyel)
Balkan Nights (Mel Bay)
A Daily Scale Study in A Minor
Rain Drops
First and Second Endings
Cradle Song (Johannes Brahms)
The Right Hand Study
Finger Gymnastics
The Blue Tail Fly (arr. Mel Bay)
Right Hand Studies
Italian Air (Carcassi)
Classic Dance (Mel Bay)
Other Tempo Terms
Right Hand Development Etude
Andante (F. Carulli)
The Key of G
A Daily Drill
The Gauchos (Carcassi)
Chords in the Key of G
Accompaniment Styles in the key of G
A Scale Study
A Serenade (Mel Bay)
Austrian Hymn (Haydn)
The Little Prince (Mazas)
In the Evening by the Moonlight (Bland)
The Key of E Minor
The Chords in the Key of E Minor
Accompaniment Styles in the Key of E Minor
Dotted Quarter Notes
A Dotted Quarter-Note Etude
Right Hand Technique
The Foggy, Foggy Dew (arr. Mel Bay)
A Waltz by Sor
Andante (Mertz)
A Night in Madrid
Song by Aguado
Waltz in E Minor
Conchita (Aguado)


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