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Chords Galore
Chords Galore
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A Systematic Approach to Voicing Chords on Guitar

Having developed two of the most prolific and respected guitar programs in the world (Berklee School of Music in the 1960s and University of North Texas in the 1980s), Jack Petersen is arguably the most influential academic jazz guitar teacher of our time. Mick Goodrick and John Abercrombie, to drop a couple big jazz guitar names, and countless other great players all went through the "School of Jack Petersen." This book presents Jack's revolutionary systematic chord voicing techniques for guitar. This easy to use system is a must for anyone serious about learning and understanding chords on guitar. Concepts of root position chords, inversions and a number of other voicing tricks are covered with standard notation, tab, and chord diagrams.



Chapter 1
Chords, Chord Forms, Chord Voicings
Closed Position Chords
Diatonic Triads
Diatonic Seventh Chords
Raised Two and Three (R2+3) Voicing
Chord Construction Techniques
Chord Ex. 1
7b5 Chords
Chord Ex. 2
Chord Ex. 3
Chord Ex. 4
C Major Triad with Inversions
G6 with Inversions
Chord Ex. 5
F7/A, G7/B, AbM7/C
E7/D, Ab(6)/Eb, C7/E
Chord Ex. 6
G7/B, Fm7/A, F6/C
Suspended Fourth Chords
Chord Ex. 7

Chapter 2
Chord Voicings Based from 5th String
Raised Two Voicing
Chord Ex. 8
Chord Ex. 9
Chord Ex. 10
Chord Ex. 11
Raised Two Formula
(Root Position with Inversions)
Chord Ex. 12
C7E, Bb7(+5)/G, Gm7/F
Dfm6/Fb, AbM7/Eb
Chord Ex. 13
Am7/E, Cm6/Eb
D7/F#, BbM7(+5)/Fs, Bbm6/F
C7/E, C7/G, F6/A

Chapter 3
Combining and Alternating Between
5th and 6th Strings
Chord Ex. 14
Chord Ex. 15
Chord Ex. 16
Chord Ex. 17
Chord Ex. 18
Chord Ex. 19

Chapter 4
Ninth, Eleventh, and Thirteenth Chords

Chapter 5
Root Color Tones
Major Chords (6th String)
Minor Chords (6th String)
Major Chords (5th String)
Minor Chords (5th String)
Chord Ex. 20
Chord Ex. 21
Two Guidelines for Voicing Chords using RCT…49
Chord Ex. 22

Chapter 6
Open Triads (Root and Inversions)
Chord Ex. 23
Chord Ex. 24
Shell Voicings from 6th String
Shell Voicings from 5th String (R2)

Chapter 7
6th String Crossovers (R2+3)
5th String Crossovers

Chapter 8
Transfers for 6th String Voicings (R2+3)
Transfers for 5th String Voicings (R2)


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