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Children's Guitar Chord Book
Children's Guitar Chord Book
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SKU: 98650

Younger students will enjoy this creative approach to playing simple guitar chords. Chords are taught with exercises that build upon each other and eventually lead the student to playing logical and common chord progressions. These progressions include I-iii-vi-ii-V-I and twelve bar blues in many different keys. Chords are shown in chord diagram form with detailed illustrations showing finger positions in relationship to the fretboard. Open chords for folk music as well as power chords for rock music are presented clearly and easily in this text. A complete easy chord chart and capo chart is provided at the end of the book for easy reference. Examples and exercises are presented in strum bar notation.


How to Read Chord Diagrams
EZ C Chord
EZ G7 Chord
EZ G Chord
D7 Chord
D Chord
A7 Chord
A Minor Chord
D Minor Chord
E7 Chord
A Chord
Full C Chord
Full G7 Chord
Full G Chord
E Minor Chord
B7 Chord
E Chord
Building the F Chord
F Chord/4 Strings
C7 Chord
Bb Chord
Key of C Chord Progression
B Minor Chord
Key of G Chord Progression
F# Minor Chord (F#m)
C# Minor Chord (C#m)
G# Minor Chord (G#m)
G Minor Chord
Rock Power Chords
Blues Progressions
Chord Diagrams
Capo Chart


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