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Flatpick Jam Vol 2 with Brad Davis
Flatpick Jam Vol 2 with Brad Davis
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Manufacturer: Flatpicking Guitar Mercantile
SKU: 2125
With Brad Davis' Flatpick Jam Volume 2, you are never without a jamming partner. Each of these two-hour DVDs is packed with flatpicking jam session favorites (11 tunes on each DVD). Brad plays each tune at four different tempos (slow, slow/medium, medium/fast, and fast) so that you can work on your tone, timing, note clarity, and fluidity at the slower tempos and then work to develop your speed at the higher tempos.

At each tempo Brad takes a solo then plays rhythm so you can take your solo. At the three higher tempos Brad swaps solos and rhythm with you twice. This gives you the opportunity to practice your solo and rhythm seven times on every tune. On each tune Brad plays a variety of rhythmic and lead styles. A bass line and mandolin chop accompany every song at every tempo, and chord changes are indicated on-screen (for the slow tempo).

Tunes presented in Volume 2 are:

Turkey in the Straw
Sailor's Hornpipe
Whiskey Before Breakfast
Black Mountain Rag
Red Haired Boy
Arkansas Traveler
Old Joe Clark
Nine Pound Hammer
Bill Cheathum
Angeline the Baker

No tab book comes with this video; however, transcriptions of the solo Brad plays at the slow tempo on every song are free for download at:

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