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Mandolin Primer
Mandolin Primer
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Manufacturer: Watch and Learn
Mandolin Primer Book with CD by Bert Casey is designed for the beginning mandolin student who desires an easy to follow, step by step instruction method for getting started on the mandolin. It starts with proper left & right hand technique and playing scales, then progresses to playing 14 popular bluegrass songs using techniques such as hammer-ons, slides, pull-offs, and double stops. It also includes a complete chord chart and a section on how to play rhythm on the mandolin (the famous mandolin "chop"). DVD and VHS Video also available.


Parts of the Mandolin
Holding the Mandolin
Using the Pick
Proper Left and Right Hand Position
Playing Scales in 4 Different Keys (G, C, A, D)
Rhythm & Strumming (The Mandolin Chop)
Moveable Chords
Chord Chart

Mandolin Primer Songs

Worried Man Blues
Wildwood Flower
Boil Them Cabbage Down
Cripple Creek
John Hardy
Red Haired Boy
Soldier's Joy
8th Of January
Billy In The Lowground
Blackberry Blossom
Bill Cheatum
Sally Goodin
Old Joe Clark
Salt Creek

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