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Beginning Mandolin
Beginning Mandolin
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Manufacturer: Specialty Music Publications
This DVD is designed for the beginner to intermediate level player. A full range of DVD special features have been integrated with video special effects to create the most powerful learning system yet produced by Specialty Music Productions. With your DVD remote control, you're ready to take full advantage of the interactive menus, scene selections, and other easy-to-use features that are there at your fingertips. See how fun and easy it is to learn to play your mandolin in front of your own TV. Your own private interactive DVD teacher is here to patiently guide you each exciting step along the way.

Special Features:

  • Several months of valuable lessons are programmed into this one easy-to-navigate DVD.
  • The songs are demonstrated slowly, phrase-by-phrase, with split-screen close-ups so you can see exactly how to play them.
  • Guitar and bass "play along tracks" are provided at normal speed and at a slower speed so you can develop your new playing skill as you go.
  • A handy booklet is included with exact transcriptions of playing techniques in tablature.
You will learn some useful rhythm and accompaniment techniques so you can play back-up for singing. As you progress, tablature is introduced to reveal the fundamental picking and fingering techniques. As you advance, you will combine chord parts, single note picking along with other rhythm and tremolo techniques to develop your own personal playing style. The fun part is that you will apply these essential skills and techniques while learning to play a variety of popular tunes.

Approximate running time is 60 minutes. Tablature Booklet is Included! Download now from!

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Bluegrass Mandolin
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