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An Intimate Lesson with Tony Rice
An Intimate Lesson with Tony Rice
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Manufacturer: Homespun Tapes
SKU: 641772

Tony Rice slows down his fabulous picking style as he demonstrates his hard-driving flatpicking solos, accompaniments, intros and licks. Includes: Gold Rush - Blackberry Blossom - Muleskinner Blues - Church Street Blues - Cold On The Shoulder - and a fabulous jazz chord arrangement of Georgia On My Mind. 60-MINUTE DVD - INCLUDES MUSIC + TAB - LEVEL 3.


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Tony Rice Guitar
Tony Rice Guitar
Tony Rice Guitar Book contains exact transcriptions of all the solos on the first three albums of the leading acoustic guitar player now living. Each solo is written in both tablature and standard music notation, showing the precision and syncopation that has had a tremendous impact on both bluegrass and new acoustic music that started with the Dawg era. Solos are taken from Tony Rice Guitar- Rebel SLP 1582, Tony Rice- Rounder 0085, and Manzanita - Rounder 0092. No Tape or CD available.
Product# TRG
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Tony Rice Style Guitar Solos
Tony Rice Style Guitar Solos
Marty Stewart's lead guitarist 'Brad Davis' teaches 11 classic Tony Rice solos! In this course Brad teaches 12 solos in the style of Tony Rice. These are not note-for-note copies from recorded versions, but are true to the style.
Product# 6952
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Tony Rice Teaches Bluegrass Guitar
Tony Rice Teaches Bluegrass Guitar
Tony Rice is known world-wide for his spectacular technique, brilliant improvisation and powerful soloing. In this lesson, he passes on to you the style he has developed. In careful detail, Tony analyzes licks, runs, solos and rhythm parts to bluegrass songs. and fiddle tunes that will challenge and delight all flatpickers.
Product# 695045
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