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A Banjo Player's Guide to Jamming
A Banjo Player's Guide to Jamming
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Manufacturer: Mel Bay Publications
SKU: 99708BCD

If you can play a few tunes on the bluegrass banjo but haven't played much with others (or at all), this book will show you what you need to know to sit in on a hot jam session. Geared toward beginner and intermediate players, this book covers playing chords, including which ones to play and when to play them. You'll also discover how jam sessions work and how to act in a session, along with advice on practicing at home. The included CD contains nine tunes performed at a typical jam session. The music is on the left channel with dialog about the tunes such as the name, the key, and the chord progression on the right.


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Bluegrass Slow Jam for the Total Beginner
Bluegrass Slow Jam for the Total Beginner
An Ultra-Easy, No-Fail Play-Along Session. Any level, any instrument. Seventeen classic songs are played at a slow, easy tempo. Only four basic chords (G, C, D and A) are needed to be able to play along with the band. Includes important tips, advice and encouragement.
Product# 641916
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Bluegrass Jamming DVD
Bluegrass Jamming DVD
Pete Wernick has the perfect solution for novice bluegrass players who want to start jamming, or for any picker wanting to build experience and confidence. He has created a video jam session so that players of any level can play along with some experienced musicians and get ready for the real thing.
Product# 641558
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Bluegrass Practice Session
Bluegrass Practice Session
Here are solid back-ups to ten popular bluegrass instrumentals, recorded to provide practice for the lead fiddler, banjo picker, mandolinist or guitarist. Bill Keith, Happy Traum, Larry Campbell and Molly Mason play each tune several times through in both slowed-down and up-to-tempo versions.
Product# 641514
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Banjo Jam Tracks
Banjo Jam Tracks
The Banjo Primer Jam CDs play rhythm to all of the songs in the Banjo Primer at 5 different speeds. This companion product to the Banjo Primer is the perfect way to increase your playing speed, improve your timing and make that critical leap between practice and actually jamming with friends.
Product# BPJ
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Bluegrass Jam Session
Bluegrass Jam Session
Get in shape and ready for the next jam session or bluegrass festival with this new practice tape. Joe Carr and Alan Munde, along with the band, perform 15 songs for you to practice with and they explain each instrument's role in each song as well as provide tabulature for selected solos and backup parts as played on the banjo, mandolin, fiddle, guitar, and bass.
Product# JJ-60
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Country and Bluegrass Jam Tracks
Country and Bluegrass Jam Tracks
This high quality audio CD contains 23 dynamic jam tracks of country and bluegrass music. The extended jams (3 to 4 minutes each) are in a wide variety of keys and grooves, allowing you to play any style of music. In addition, several tunes are played at 2 different speeds. Also includes a helpful 16 page instruction booklet with rhythm charts and soloing tips for each song.
Product# LJ2
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