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Intro To The 6 & 12 String Banjo
Intro To The 6 & 12 String Banjo
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Manufacturer: Wisdom Of The Wood
Essentially a guitar-banjo hybrid, the 6-string banjo has served as the guitarist's answer to having a completely different voicing in one's palette. The long-time guitarist who is completely familiar with the fretboard can now emulate the banjo without having to learn a new language. Teaches tuning and both fingerstyle and flatpicking techniques for the 6 and 12-string banjo in the context of a variety of styles. With an indepth chapter on imitating a 5-string banjo. Created in association with Deering Banjos. 2 hours. New lower price!
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Old Time Banjo Styles
Old Time Banjo Styles
Taught by Mike Seeger with special guests. Special workshop performances by some of the country's top traditional players give banjo students rare insight into the subtle beauty of this uniquely American music. Sixteen songs. 90-MINUTE DVD - INCLUDES TAB - LEVEL 2. Download now from!
Product# 641790
More info on Old Time Banjo StylesBuy Old Time Banjo Styles Now!List Price: US $29.95Our Price: US $27.95
Super Bluegrass Banjo Picking Techniques
Super Bluegrass Banjo Picking Techniques
In this DVD, Alan Munde describes the basic rolls and picking pattern that make up bluegrass banjo music. Play-along exercises allow the student to develop a strong roll which leads to accuracy, speed, and right-hand control!.
Product# 95995DVD
More info on Super Bluegrass Banjo Picking TechniquesBuy Super Bluegrass Banjo Picking Techniques Now!List Price: US $14.95Our Price: US $13.95
Power Pickin Vol. 3 Playing Backup Banjo in a Bluegrass Band
Power Pickin Vol. 3 Playing Backup Banjo in a Bluegrass Band
Bill Evans demonstrates effective banjo backup for 7 standard tunes, showing the techniques in detail, and also playing them with a band. A variety of keys, styles and tempos are demonstrated in this 2 hour DVD with examples of roll based backup, vamping and two finger techniques. Both up and down the neck backup are shown and a tab booklet is included.
Product# D-BE-2
More info on Power Pickin Vol. 3 Playing Backup Banjo in a Bluegrass BandBuy Power Pickin Vol. 3 Playing Backup Banjo in a Bluegrass Band Now!List Price: US $35.00Our Price: US $33.00
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