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Deering Tenbrooks Legacy Banjo
Deering Tenbrooks Legacy Banjo
List Price: US $7,899.00
Our Price: US $5,949.00
You Save: US $1,950.00
Manufacturer: Deering Banjos
The Tenbrooks is a new breed of banjo named after the famed Kentucky Derby winner who beat, by an overwhelming margin, the ever-popular Mollie McCarthy in the most stirring and memorable race in the history of the Kentucky Derby. Free hardshell case! Minimum Allowed Advertised Price: $5,949. Call for Special Pricing!
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Gold Tone Bluegrass Tuner
Gold Tone Bluegrass Tuner
Finally, a tuner made especially for bluegrass instruments. Extra stable and accurate, it locks on to the pitch of the string you are tuning, screens out ambient noise and sympathetic vibrations from other strings. Automatic and manual tuning modes for mando, banjo, guitar & chromatic tuning. Needle style meter on LCD screen plus the familiar simple LED lights.
Product# BGT
More info on Gold Tone Bluegrass TunerBuy Gold Tone Bluegrass Tuner Now!List Price: US $42.00Our Price: US $31.95
Dunlop Trigger Banjo Capo
Dunlop Trigger Banjo Capo
Your sound shouldn't change when you put on a capo. With Dunlop, you'll come through loud, clear and in tune.
Product# 85BDB
More info on Dunlop Trigger Banjo CapoBuy Dunlop Trigger Banjo Capo Now!List Price: US $21.18Our Price: US $15.95
Kyser Banjo/Mandolin Capo
Kyser Banjo/Mandolin Capo
A perfect fit for the necks and fingerboards of banjos and mandolins. The original quick-change capo is a snap to reposition between frets using just one hand, or to "park" in the head stock. Black only.
Product# KBMB
More info on Kyser Banjo/Mandolin CapoBuy Kyser Banjo/Mandolin Capo Now!List Price: US $24.95Our Price: US $18.95
Shubb Banjo 5th String Capo
Shubb Banjo 5th String Capo
The best fifth string capo available for the banjo. Silde it, tighten it and go. No poking strings under spikes and re-tuning. Don't you get teased enough as a banjo player for tuning all of the time? Make it easier on yourself with a Shubb sliding fifth string capo. Easy to install!
Product# SFSCN
More info on Shubb Banjo 5th String CapoBuy Shubb Banjo 5th String Capo Now!List Price: US $39.95Our Price: US $36.95
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