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Banjo Kits

Our banjo kits are the perfect answer for the do-it-yourselfer or the banjo player on a budget. You don't need any special tools and all joints are pre-cut . These kits include all parts to build a complete, high-quality 5 string resonator banjo.. All hardware is heavily nickel-plated. Every banjo kit comes complete with strings and detailed instructions. You can double your satisfaction by building and player your very own bluegrass banjo.

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Gold Tone OB250 Banjo Kit
Gold Tone OB250 Banjo Kit
The OB-250 Kit (based on the Gold Tone OB-250 banjo) is designed to provide the highest quality banjo in kit form. No special tools needed--all joints are pre-cut. All wood is maple, sanded, and ready to finish. All metal is nickel-plated.
Product# OB-250KIT
More info on Gold Tone OB250 Banjo KitBuy Gold Tone OB250 Banjo Kit Now!List Price: US $1,260.00Our Price: US $945.00

Gold Tone MC-150R Maple Classic Banjo
Gold Tone MC-150R Maple Classic Banjo
Economically priced, the MC-150 has all quality parts which provide excellent tone. This model is convertible which means the resonator may be easily detached for open back playing style. Recently, the MC-150 received a rave review from a popular folk magazine in England which explained its incredible tone for the price.
Product# MC-150KIT
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More info on Gold Tone MC-150R Maple Classic BanjoBuy Gold Tone MC-150R Maple Classic Banjo Now!List Price: US $600.00Our Price: US $450.00

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