Song Title:



(Give Me That) Old Time Religion (:49)  



A Bluegrass Ending/The Hook (:22)  



Big Piney Gap (1:07)  

Tommy Flint


Bill Cheatham (:45)  



Billy In The Low Ground (:44)  



Deer Lick Creek (1:02)  

Tommy Flint


Drop Thumb-Hook,Another Drop Thumb-Hook, & Sourwoo  



Hookin' The Boogie (:39)  



John Henry (:51)  



Kentucky Hoe Down (:44)  



Leather Britches (:36)  



Liberty (:41)  



Mississippi Sawyer (1:01)  



On Top Of Old Smoky (1:02)  



Rough River Hoedown (:52)  

Tommy Flint


Skip To My Lou (:59)  



The Clinch Mountain Crossing (1:04)  

Tommy Flint


The Galway Piper (:47)  



The Hills Of Brown (:54)  

Tommy Flint


The Midnight Run (:55)  

Tommy Flint


This Train (:43)  



Travis, Kelly, And Patrick (1:02)  

Tommy Flint


Wolf Creek (1:00)  

Tommy Flint