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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Blue Moon Rising in Bismarck

From the Bismarck Tribune

If you want to get picky about it, blue moons are only supposed to show up every two and a half years or so.But for the second consecutive January, there will be one in Bismarck.And this time it’ll last for two days.Speaking of being picky, this blue moon happens to be a pickin’ and grinnin’ bluegrass band. Blue Moon Rising, the Tennessee quintet that sold out a concert here last winter, is coming back for two shows later this month.“Everything went so well last year that it just made sense to bring them back again,” Jill Wiese, a Washburn musician and promoter of the concerts, said. “A lot of people last year couldn’t get tickets or were out of town, so we decided to bring back a band that a lot of people know. They’re so fun.”Wiese, a member of the bluegrass band Cotton Wood, met and hit it off with Blue Moon Rising at the Missouri River Bluegrass and Old Time Music Festival at Cross Ranch State Park in 2005. Tim Tipton, the bass player for Blue Moon Rising, called Wiese later that year and asked if his band could come up from Nashville, Tenn., to play another show in North Dakota.

Blue Moon Rising will be appearing for two days at the the Lakes Bluegrass Festival, August 24-25 in Pine River, MN.