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Monday, September 11, 2006

Larry Stephenson's Life Stories CD Now Available

The follow up to Larry Stephenson's highly successful Clinch Mountain Mystery is available today. Life Stories is a collection of emotion evoking tales that Stephenson believes everyone can relate to. Each song touches on a different aspect of life whether it be longing for a loved one at home in "Old Kentucky Hills" or the gravely serious tale "Behind Those Big Closed Doors" which is about Ruby, a girl who was molested as a child, and offers us the advice "Take heed, don't laugh, don't criticize' don't judge anymore for you have never lived their life behind those big closed doors."

Adding on to the story of one of the most well known murder ballads, "The Knoxville Girl," Tom T. and Dixie Hall penned "The Knoxville Boy,” which carries on the tradition of the murder ballad brought to America by the English, Scots, and Irish. "The Knoxville Girl" is a simple adaptation of the old world ballad, "The Wexford Girl," with the setting changed from Ireland to Tennessee. Along with the Americanization of these ballads, the supernatural elements that were often associated with the old world ballads were left out. "The Knoxville Boy" retains the old world superstitions by warning that even though the Knoxville boy was hung for murdering his lover, "he won't stay in his grave."

The 4 time Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music of America (SPBGMA) Male Vocalist of the Year has found success with murder ballads in the past when his song, "Clinch Mountain Mystery," from his 2005 release by the same name, was praised as the song of the year by SPBGMA and reached #1 on the Bluegrass Unlimited music chart.


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