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Dulcimer Layout or: Where The Notes Are
Marked Bridges
Tuning Your Dulcimer
The Dulcimer Stand
Playing In Comfort
Playing In Rhythm: Counting Off
Playing Tunes
Alternating Hammers
Hammering Patterns
Are You Sleeping?
Duplicated Notes On The Dulcimer
Mapping Your Way Through "O Susanna"
O Susanna
Exploring Four Keys
Hammering Exercises In The Key Of G .
Hammering Exercises In The Key Of D .
Learning Scales And String Courses
Learning More Notes In The Key Of D .
Practice Tune: Golden Slippers
Duplicated Notes And Repeated Hammers
Home On The Range
More Hammering Patterns
Arkansas Traveler
Vertical And Horizontal Moves, Repeat Signs
Hornpipes, Transitional Notes, And Another Repeat
Harvest Home
A Useful Note On The Bass Bridge
Annie Laurie
Practice Tune: No Place Like Home
Intervals: Exercises
Playing A Tune Using Interval Harmonies
Deck The Halls
Back-Up Chords
Playing Chords By Shapes
Learning Chords
Chord Arpeggios
Auld Lang Syne
F On the Bass Bridge, Bounces, Rolls, Fermatas.
My Own House
Triplets And More Interval Harmony Playing
The Lark In The Clear Air
Horizontal Bass Bridge/Treble Bridge Moves
Amazing Grace
Review: Hornpipes, Triplets, Transitional Notes.
Off To California
Drone Harmony
Soldier's Joy
Minor Keys
The Parting Glass
Star Of The County Down
Practice Tune: Simple Gifts
Flop-Eared Mule
Musical Form And Another Modulation
Over The Waterfall
Another Modulation And 3rd Interval Harmony
The Ash Grove
O'Carolan, Planxties, Walking Harmony Bass Line
Planxty Fanny Po'er
The Key Of A, Adapting Music To The Dulcimer, Jigs
The Hundred Pipers
Santa Lucia
Playing Music With Style
Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring
In Closing