Part One
About Part One
The Author
Left-Hand Position
Right-Hand Position and Fingering
The Picks
The Quickest Way to Learn
Music-Reading Section
The Rudiments of Music
Other Musical Signs and Terms
Tuning the Banjo
Reading Tablature
Time Values of Notes and Rests
Counting Time in Tablature
Counting Time
Playing Songs on the First, Second, and Fifth Strings
Playing a Song on the Second and Third Strings
Chord Background
The Chord Symbol
The Basic Chords
Down and Up Strumming
Pinching the Chords
Melody and Pinch Chords Together
Key Signatures
Counting Review
3-Finger Picking Section
Counting Bluegrass Style
The Basic Rolls
Forward Rolls
Backward Rolls
Thumb-Alternating Rolls
Combination Rolls

Rolls on the D and D7 Chords
Daily Practice Patterns
Right-Hand Patterns
The Basic Banjo Picking Effects
Fills and Endings
The Capo
Solo Section
The Banjo and Its Parts

Part Two
Chord Studies
Mixing the Major Chord Forms
The I, IV, and V Chords
The I, IV, V, I Progression
Other Movable Chord Forms
The Dominant Seventh Chord
The Diminished Seventh Chord
The Augmented Seventh Chord
Right-Hand Chord Background Patterns
Blues & Boogie Back-Up Section
Blues Rock Back-Up
5-String Boogie
Melodic Thirds and Sixths
Melodic Thirds and Sixths Mixed
Blues-Rock Chorus
"Melodic" or "Chromatic" Picking
Advanced Solo Song Section
Chord Diagrams for Solo Section
Circled Tab Numbers
The Choke