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Blueridge BR-180 Historic Series Guitar
Blueridge BR-180 Historic Series Guitar
List Price: US $1,650.00
Our Price: US $1,237.50
You Save: US $412.50
Manufacturer: Blueridge Guitars
SKU: BR-180
With a beauty second only to its tone, no expense was spared on this guitar. All features are authentic pre-war, D-45 specifications even down to the bracing. A true powerhouse!
Price includes FREE SHIPPING and professional set-up. This guitar qualifies for no payments or interest financing for 6 months, or make 48 monthly payments.
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TKL Premier Dreadnought Guitar Case
TKL Premier Dreadnought Guitar Case
TKL is a leading supplier of world-class, high-quality cases. The Premier Series™ is TKL's basic line of flat-top hardshell wood cases which offer excellent protection for your instrument. Flat $19.95 S&H.
Product# TKL7815
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Kyser Guitar Capos
Kyser Guitar Capos
A perfect fit for the necks and fingerboards of acoustic guitars. The original quick-change capo is a snap to reposition between frets using just one hand, or to "park" in the head stock.
Product# KG6
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Shubb Guitar Capos
Shubb Guitar Capos
The choice of musicians everywhere! One smooth flip of the lever locks it securely in place.
Product# SCXN
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Dunlop Trigger Guitar Capo
Dunlop Trigger Guitar Capo
Your sound shouldn't change when you put on a capo. With Dunlop, you'll come through loud, clear and in tune. Available for Acoustic guitar (flat and curved) in three finishes (Nickel, Black and Gold) and for Clasical and Electric guitars in either Nickel or Black finish. All Dunlop Trigger Capos are made of aircraft quality aluminum..
Product# TRIGGER
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Murphy Method Beginning Guitar DVD
Murphy Method Beginning Guitar DVD
For those of you who have never played guitar. Using the 3 basic chords G, C, and D, you are guided through 22 songs from the bluegrass, folk, and gospel repertoire. Uses basic bluegrass strum with alternating bass strings. Great ear training! Lesson on keys and capos. NoTab. (2 hours)
Product# 21716DVD
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Basic Bluegrass Rhythm Guitar
Basic Bluegrass Rhythm Guitar
Steve Kaufman is one of America's top bluegrass guitarists! His DVD covers the basics of back-up guitar, from the simplest two-chord song to Texas-style fiddle tunes. Players will master bass walks, the Lester Flatt 'G run,' altered chords, complex progressions and more.
Product# 641655
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The Art of Crosspicking Guitar
The Art of Crosspicking Guitar
Crosspicking is a classic bluegrass flatpicking style that features a rolling, complex sound. This technique has been enthusiastically adopted by guitar masters and has become an integral part of every hot bluegrass guitarist's arsenal. In this DVD, Steve teaches beautiful arrangements of seven songs.
Product# 641769
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Perfecting Bluegrass Guitar Solos
Perfecting Bluegrass Guitar Solos
If you only own one instruction course: This Is It! Dan Huckabee teaches you how to make the most of your practice time by laying down 23 secrets, & explaining each, step-by-step. These are the procedures you need, to achieve total & absolute mastery!
Product# 7041
More info on Perfecting Bluegrass Guitar SolosBuy Perfecting Bluegrass Guitar Solos Now!List Price: US $29.95Our Price: US $27.95
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